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The best iPhone apps for mountain biking

19 Apr 2015 App Lists
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If you love mountain biking, or are thinking of trying it out, then check out our list of the best mountain biking apps for the iPhone. 


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This application is very useful in more ways than one. Customize specs and ascertain whether you have the right gears or not.

  • Measures specs of the bicycle
  • Matches specs such as the pedal movement, gear ratio, tire size, and more
  • Enables users to enhance the performance of their bicycles
  • Bikers will have a good riding experience with this app
  • Calculates pedal rotations  

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iPhone / iPad
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Track all the important data from your ride like: elevation, distance, time, weather, speed and much more. 

  • Tracking stats
  • Accurate elevation calculator
  • Live tracking functions
  • In-app voice coach
  • Offline maps

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A tremendous source for mountain biking enthusiasts. Reviews, trail guides and more can all be found in this app. 

  • Focuses on all aspects of mountain biking
  • Full multimedia gallery
  • Auto-orients different views while reading
  • Also has features on trail riding
  • Instant access to past issues upon initial purchase

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If there’s an easy way to keep track of your daily bike rides, then this app is it.

  • Uses native GPS
  • Color-coded routes
  • Ability to pause/resume tracking of rides
  • Links with Facebook
  • Able to switch to a large display

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iPhone / iPad
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This app can record your data, help to navigate your ride and share your riding details with others via social media.

  • Advanced cycling app
  • Complete open cycle maps
  • Calculates speed and distance
  • Previews your bike tracks
  • Latest cycle routes

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MotionX GPS is the “extreme” biking app you’re looking for. It's precise and for the die hard mountain bikers. 

  • Precise GPS system
  •  Can be used not only for biking but also for any type of outdoor activity
  • Includes maps, interactive stopwatch, and more than a hundred tracks
  • Smooth interface
  • Will add an enjoyable experience for outdoor enthusiasts     

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If 5,000 trails wasn't enough for you, then check out this large database of 50,000 trails for you to choose from. A mountain biker's dream come true. 

  • Complete browsing guide
  • Lists 50,000 trails
  • Ideal for recording walks
  • Instant topographic maps
  • Instant syncing functions

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This app has plenty of features to make it worthy of a download. Some of our favorite features are the GPS, speed calculation and caloric expenditure functions.  

  • Calculates speed automatically
  • Counts calories
  • Sync with local heart rate
  • Works well with your cadence
  • Share workouts on Facebook

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This is the magazine tailored for the true mountain bikers out there. Forget the casual weekend riders, this is for those that live the lifestyle 24/7.

  • Aimed specifically at riders
  • Very useful articles
  • Monthly optional subscription
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support

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A very thorough app for tracking your cycling workouts or outdoor biking adventures.

  • Route and plan outdoor ride
  • Record time, distance and speeds
  • Review your results and charts
  • Track weight, blood pressure
  • Sync data with multiple devices
  • Integrate with other devices like Fitbit, Jawbone UP

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