The best prayer apps for the iPhone and iPad

We can't live without prayer. We express our love and adoration, make petitions or request, and give praise to God through prayer. In a monastary, a bell rings to remind the faithful to pray, but not everyone lives in a monastary. We can use reminders and even topics of prayer suggestions to help us stay on top of our prayer relationship with God and luckily, there are plenty of apps that offer just that. Here is our list of the best prayer apps for iPhone and iPad.

6 Apr 2016, by Christine Pamintuan

Daily Devotion gives you the opportunit to join thousands of people from all over the world who use this app to perform short devotions every morning. From the Baptist Bible Hour radio ministry comes “A Good Thing” through the daily app for your iPhone and iPad. In addition to the devotion you get each day, you can also click through to the website, listen to the most recent broadcasts, and gain access to other devotionals which are sorted by category and date. Share the devotionals you enjoy the most via email, text, or Facebook.

  • Short, practical daily devotions
  • A new devotion each day
  • Listen to the most recent broadcasts
  • Share your favorite devotions over FB
  • Free prayer app

Daily Devotion app review: helping you with your devotions

Best Daily Prayers & Devotionals FREE is an app for Catholic men and women to help you pray to Jesus. In today's busy world it's hard to make time to read Bible verses and pray on a daily basis. This is a free app that gives you daily devotions, holy aspirations, and short prayers that will help you stay connected with God. You can post your favorite daily prayers to Facebook, text them to friends, share via email, or save them to enjoy later. Each prayer comes with a beautiful background image so you can even make it wallpaper for your device.

  • Short daily prayers
  • Beautiful images as backgrounds
  • Share favorite prayers by email, text, or FB
  • Save your favorite daily prayers
  • Free prayer app for iPhone and iPad

Best Daily Prayers app review: your companion tool

iPieta is an app full of Catholic writings, prayers, documents, and liturgical calendars. English and Latin content is all pre-loaded with the option to download Turkish, Spanish, French, and German. Content includes sevedral different Bibles; Baltimore Catechisms #1 to 3, the Roman Catechism, the Catechism of Christian Doctrine, and the Catechism of St. Thomas Aquinas; numerous devotions and prayers; both the Orinary and Extraordinary Calendars; spiritual works from different authors; and much more. You can perform searches, create bookmarks, share, take notes, and download audio content as well.

  • Full of Catholic writings, prayers, documents, and liturgical calendars
  • English and Latin come pre-loaded with other languages downloadable
  • Tons of content
  • Perform searches, share, create bookmarks, and take notes
  • Free Catholic prayer app

Muslim Mate is for devout followers of Islam who want an advanced and comprehensive Islamic app. It offers Accurate Prayer Times, a Zakat Calculator, a searchable Holy Quran, an Islamic Calendar and Events, and more. You'll get prayer timings for your exact location, alarm notifications with different Adhans to choose from, a Qibla compass, and the Holy Quran comes with multilingual phonetic transliterations, translations, and audio recitation. You can access prayer times and the Qibla compass right from your Today Widget menu and you can use the app to locate Islamic places in your area.

  • For followers of Islam
  • Accurate Prayer Times
  • Searchable Holy Quran
  • Use the app to find Islamic places in your area
  • Exclusive greeting cards

Children's Prayer is for anyone with young students or children of any age. You get a free new Bible prayrer every day and access to over 500 prayers available on 65 thematic series. This will give you the opportunity to start a prayer or dialogue with your child or children in your family, at school, or at Sunday school. The app offers a quick start and is easy to use, it's universal so you can use it on your iPhone or iPad, you can mark your favorite prayers as favorites, you can use it offline, and you can set a prayer time alarm with a catchy tune that will go off when you want to be reminded to pray.

  • New prayer daily
  • New series weekly
  • Access to all previous series and prayers
  • Mark favorites
  • Set a prayer time

Children's Bible Daily Prayer for your Family and School app review: an engaging experience

SiddurApp allows users to carry and view the Jewish prayer book on their iPhone and iPads. When the app is activated, the Smart panel shows the relevant prayer for that time of day for your location. The Times panel icon shows a small arrow pointing to the direction of prayer. A counter will count down the time until the compass will disappear, which you can change in Settings. You can press Prayer select to access any random prayer. In Settings you can also change the app's interface to Hebrew, show some sections as collapsed and others as expanded, and more.

  • Automatically updates based on what day and time of day it is
  • Short timed additions to prayer
  • Uses GPS to show a small arrow showing direction of prayer
  • Access any random prayer you want
  • Free prayer app for iPhone and iPad

Jesus Life Together is an app full of features to help enrich your life and help you grow closer to Jesus. You get a prayer journal with email or push notification reminders to give you a nudge through the day to pray, books, audio teachings, music, videos, music videos, artwork, teachings from around the world, Thought of the Day, and “With You Now” which lets you see where other users are all over the world and what they are looking at in the app. Topics covered include Church, Relationships, Raising Children, Love, Community, Evangelism, End Times, Holiness, Daily Life, and more.

  • Free audio teachings, music, videos, books, music videos, and more
  • Thought of the Day
  • Prayer Journal with email or push notification reminders
  • Many topics covered
  • Works with Apple Watch

The Athan app will give you accurate prayer timings and log your prayers, no matter where you are. With the tap of a button you can customize your prayer reminders, giving you an easy way to track your prayers. You will increase your score every time you log your Salat, achieving elite levels and unlocking badges as you go. You can track your offered and missed prayers, find the Qibla direction, and see directions to nearby mosques. The app features prayer times for six million cities all over the world, personalized Salat reminders, and more.

  • Prayer timings
  • Log your prayers
  • Get virtual badges based on prayer history
  • See contact info and directions to nearby mosques
  • Free with in-app purchase

Athan app review: helping you to manage your prayers

Laudate is a comprehensive, free app for Catholics. It's available in a variety of languages and includes Daily Mass readings, Liturgy of Hours, Latin Liturgy of Hours, Latin Mass, Seven Sorrows Rosary, and more. The Daily Prayer appears on the main screen and you have the ability to bookmark and share the Catechism of Catholic Church. You can store your own prayers, search pre-loaded prayers, and access the Douay-Rheims Bible when you're offline. There are interactive rosaries, podcasts, Saints of the Day, reflections...everything any Catholic needs on a daily basis.

  • Daily readings, Bibles, interactive rosaries
  • Store your own prayers
  • Search prayers in the app
  • Catechism
  • Free Catholic prayer app for iPhone and iPad

Laudate - #1 Free Catholic app review

Have you ever told someone “I'll pray for you” and then forgot? This app is here to help stop that. Prayer Notes will help you keep track of all the prayer requests you make, and the answers you get in return. It was designed to be simple so that you can quickly and easily write, review, and stay on top of all of the prayer requests you have or want to make. Use the app as an instrument to get and remain closer to God. Organize your requests into groups like Family, Friends, Coworkers, Personal, and more. Organize prayers into days of the week, protect the app with a passcode, and archive past prayers in the Answers section. You can set a daily prayer time reminder, and it's easy to share requests with other users via email, text, and AirDrop.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Today widget
  • Set prayer reminders
  • Apple Watch support
  • Weekly prayer calendar

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