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The best iPad apps for singers

11 Feb 2015 App Lists
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If you are a singer by trade or just like to sing to your favorite music, then check out our list of the best iPhone and iPad apps for singers. 


If you are not against the idea of subjecting your voice to “T-Pain” levels of dubbing, then this app is for you. 

  • Auto-Tune function 
  • Online leaderboards 
  • Share your recordings online 
  • Unlock more songs every time you sing 
  • Hundreds of hit songs

iPhone / iPad

This app is best for those of you who are in a choir or a group. Learn how to sing a song in harmony and create a soothing sound. 

  • Meant for choir or group singers 
  • Teaches how to sing a song in harmony 
  • Techniques for creating a soothing sound 
  • All songs arranged in four-part harmonies 
  • Sing along with the other voices or “mute” them for solo practice

If you aspire to do more than just singing, then this app may probably be the best vocal coach you’ve ever had! 

  • All lessons taught by world-renowned vocal coach Liz Caplan 
  • Lessons separated by pitch and gender 
  • Teaches you how to properly pace your breathing while dancing or moving on stage 
  • Videos of live performances where the techniques are applied onstage 
  • Suggests easy songs to perform for auditions

If you enjoy singing in karaoke, or simply wish to practice singing your favorite songs, then this app is for you!

  • Complete list of popular songs
  • Suggest songs online
  • Share your performances to the world
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support

Sing into the microphone of your iOS device on this awesome karaoke app, which doubles up as a social networking app.

  • Record your vocals
  • Free access to 10 songs
  • Apply real-time effects
  • Record duets with your friends on the other side of the planet!
  • Record videos

iPhone / iPad

Don't have access to a studio? All you need is this free app.

  • Pick out a song of your choice
  • Add effects to your vocals
  • Full control over the equalizer
  • Email songs to friends
  • Save recorded channels for easy retrieval

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