The best iPad apps for singers

Forget singing in the shower, this is 2016. Bet you didn’t know that your iPad provides a 21st century outlet for your love of music and performing. Check out our roundup of the 10 best iPad apps for folks who love to sing. Not just about Karaoke anymore, users can take legit voice lessons, or improve their musical ear. Express yourself and show talent to the world by connecting and sharing your voice or video mash-ups using social media.

1 Jun 2016, by Christine Pamintuan

SingTrue is an interactive voice teacher in your pocket. Created by the developers behind RelativePitch (and used by over 200,000), the app utilizes the microphone to analyze your response to over 30 voice lessons, in a game context. Lessons focus on improving pitch sensitivity and feedback includes specific instructions that will result in improvement. Train not only your voice, but tune your ear for intonation in music. Track your improvement over time, you’ll be amazed at how much improvement is observed in a short time. The app is equally useful for singers and non-singers alike.

  • Interactive voice teacher
  • Utilizes device microphone
  • Provides specific feedback
  • Tracks progress
  • For beginners and pros

SingTrue app review: become that perfect singer

MF Voice by top voice teacher Matt Farnsworth is an all-purpose vocal app. Of course this app could be used by singers, but it is also geared for anyone who relies on their voice: think fitness class leader, auctioneer, lecturer, radio announcer. Loaded with information, the creator has included a demonstration of the hows and whys behind every exercise technique. The app will ask for individualized information about your voice background and custom design a warm-up for your specific application. Video demos are fun to watch and easy to follow. Swipe to the keyboard to practice, and find your custom info pre-programming into its settings.

  • Designed by top voice teacher
  • Exercises for anyone who relies on their voice
  • Warm ups customized for users voice experience
  • Video demos
  • Practice keyboard programmed to individual user

Matt Farnsworth Vocal Studio app review: vocal instruction for the aspiring singer

Love Karaoke? You bet there’s an app for that! With Wurrly users can choose from a wide range of musical genres, including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, even Family, and Holiday, recorded by professionals. Many songs have acoustic and guitar renditions, as well as full band version. Preview and customize tempo, tap to apply mix filters and you’ve made the song your own. Create custom playlists. Users can send songs to contacts, or record their unique performance and instantly share their talent with the world on Facebook or Twitter. Wurrly songs are 100% free to stream, record, and share. In-app purchases add a couple of neat features for $1.99 each.

  • Karaoke app
  • Wide range of genres
  • Acoustic, guitar, and full band version
  • Customize tempo, apply mix filters
  • Share on social media

Wurrly app review: more than just another Karaoke app

Erol Singer’s Studio is dedicated to the idea that, with a little training, anyone can sing well. The two key skills, of vocal training and pitch sensitivity are broken down in this handy voice lesson app. Erol Singer’s Studio has proprietary technology that converts your pitch into visual feedback specifically for your iOS device. The 72 unique lessons include feedback so users can work notes and pitch in real time, the app will also allow you to customize your vocal range. Lessons are divided according to user experience, and each develop a different skill set. An excellent value add is ear-training functionality, complete with ability to visualize your efforts right on your screen.  

  • Improve vocal skills and pitch sensitivity
  • Visual feedback
  • 72 lessons selectable according to experience
  • Ear-training functionality
  • One-time purchase

Erol Singer's Studio app review: provides instant visual feedback on your vocal pitch during lessons

If the thought of singing takes you back to a frumpy school choir director accusing you of being tone deaf, check out the Tone Deaf Test app and get an accurate diagnosis! Designed by Easy Ear Training, get your answer in just a few minutes. The interactive three-stage diagnostic quiz takes three minutes to conclude if you’re tone deaf or not. Features include educational information on tone deafness. For the vast majority of people who will discover they are not tone deaf, and let’s be honest: if you could sing you wouldn’t be reading this. The app includes tips and tricks for singing in tune, as well as recommended next steps for improving overall musicality.

  • Find out if you are truly tone deaf
  • Three-stage diagnostic quiz
  • Educational information on tone deafness
  • Tips and tricks for singing in tune
  • Free iPad app for singers

Sing Sharp replaces the need for a expensive vocal instruction to help you learn to sing, or improve your voice. Using its “What You See is What You Sing” technology, users can “watch” their pitch in real-time and thereby reinforce auditory pitch awareness. Record your session and instantly play it back. Since breathing is key to singing well, the developers have included a breath filtering engine. Let friends and family know you’re thinking of them by dedicating and sharing songs. Train + Track feature keeps track of scores, statistics and progress, with at-a-glance reporting.

  • What You See is What You Sing technology
  • Record and playback
  • Breath filtering
  • Dedicate and share songs with friends
  • Train + Train feature

Free singing coach, songs, voice exercises, by Sing Sharp app review: learn to sing better

Featured by X Factor contestants “The Risk,” Singer’s Friend is a premier warm up coach in your pocket. Eliminate your need for an accompanist with Singer’s Friend, just tap one of 16 different scale patterns with realistic sound quality. Customize your range select a scale, and adjust speed to focus either on agility or technique. Appropriate for beginners and professionals, the app will help you expand your range, improve your technique, or simply warm up your voice before your X-Factor performance. Includes a library of educational tips, tricks, and resources.

  • No need for accompanist
  • 16 different scale patterns
  • Adjust temp
  • Library of tips and resources
  • Increase skill or simply warm up

Fusic takes social media to another level with this video mash-up creator. Dance, sing or lip-sync to real music videos, and select out the best clip for social media consumption. Have fun adding to your favorite artists’ work by contributing your unique flair. Fuse with friends or with the Fuse community, get discovered, and compete in competitions for prizes. Meet new fuse friends by following and liking their videos. Easily collaborate with up to eight fusers anywhere in the world! The song title library is EPIC and is constantly being updated. This cutting edge creativity app is always FREE.

  • Video mash-up creator
  • Make videos and select clips for social media sharing
  • Follow and like friends
  • Collaborate with up to 8 friends worldwide
  • Free iPad app for singers

Based on The Catona Voice Building System, Voice Builder goes well beyond range in increasing your vocal capacity. Voice Builder is more than a voice lesson app, it is an exercise plan for building the human voice muscle. When you follow the Catona system, designed by world famous voice coach Gary Catona, you’ll be in the company of music greats like Seal and Tony Bennett. Watch the simple video instructions and then swipe to the setup wizard to choose an appropriate session for your needs. The app features more than 20 gender-specific voice-building sessions. Graphics are pretty amazing, with an animated human face a graphic equalizer feel.

  • Based on the Catona Voice Building System
  • Builds human voice muscle
  • Used by celebrities
  • 20 voice-building sessions
  • Animated human face graphic

Popular mythology suggests that Beach Boys singer/songwriter Brian Wilson went a little nutty composing the harmony to the iconic song Good Vibrations. End your harmony struggle with the Sing Harmonies app. This app is like a specialized Karaoke machine, dedicated to helping users learn how to sing harmony. The app includes three songs with the download, each with four-part harmony. Select or mute the parts you want to learn. Skip through the song with a slider bar to focus on particularly challenging sections. No musical knowledge or vocal experience is required to benefit from this app. Additional songs are available through in-app purchases for $0.99.

  • Learn how to sing harmony
  • Comes with three famous songs in four-part harmony
  • Select or mute parts to learn
  • Skip through the song quickly
  • No experience or music knowledge required

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