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The best grocery list apps for iPhone and iPad

31 Aug 2015 App Lists
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Using a grocery list whenever you hit the supermarket is a great idea to ensure that you don't forget any of life's essentials. Another benefit of using a grocery list is that you will be less likely to purchase unhealthy foods, so be sure to take a look at today's list of the best grocery list apps for iPhone and iPad.


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iPhone / iPad
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This is grocery list app that really lives up to its name by serving as the perfect tool for families who want to share a single shopping list across multiple iOS devices. The whole thing about this app is that it automatically synchronizes in the background whenever you make an amendment to an existing list or add new lists, so your changes will instantly become available to anyone else with whom you share your account. This barely begins to scratch the surface of just how much functionality is on offer here so be sure to download it and see for yourself.

  • The perfect grocery list app for families
  • Share a single list across multiple iOS devices
  • Amendments are automatically available and updated in the background
  • Products are grouped and colour-coded for your convenience
  • Alternatively share your lists via email and text message

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As opposed to many grocery list apps which serve the single purpose of helping people shop more efficiently, Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone has been specifically designed for the more adventurous cooks out there who would like to synchronize your recipes with your shopping lists before heading to the supermarket. One clever feature of this app allows you to create a virtual "pantry" where you can keep track of the ingredients you currently have in stock. All of this is accompanied by a database of recipes, cooking tools such as timers, and the ability to set up reminders and even share your lists and culinary creations with others online.

  • The ideal grocery list app for culinary enthusiasts
  • Enjoy cooking tools such as timers and unit converters
  • Use the pantry to track your ingredients
  • Set up reminders and add meals to your calendar
  • All data is stored locally for offline access

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Although today's list is primarily focused on grocery list apps we couldn't help but include the awesome Clear, which serves as a multipurpose list creation that you can use in both your personal and professional lives. One defining characteristic of this app is that it is not only available for iPhone and iPad but you can also download it for Apple Watch, enabling you to synchronize and access all of your lists on all of your iOS devices regardless of where you are. You'll no longer have any excuses for not getting your tasks done in time with the Clear app in your arsenal!

  • Makes lists for all sorts of items
  • Even useful for non-grocery purposes
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy interface
  • Tells you if you have already bought an item

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What we have here is another list Creator app that you can use both in and out of the kitchen thanks to a variety of comprehensive list creation features. The developers have really pulled out all the stops here, and you can compile your own personal database of ingredients for adding them to recipes and shopping lists whenever necessary. All of this is achievable with just one or two taps. What's more, you can sync all lists across multiple devices to share them with your friends or colleagues, and you can even print your recipes from directly within the app.

  • Know what ingredients to buy for a recipe
  • Compile a personalized ingredient database
  • Very convenient to use
  • Lets you search for different recipes online
  • Organize all of your desired ingredients on a shopping list

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Smart Shopping List A LA CARTE is a very well thought out grocery list app for iPhone and iPad that has been specifically designed for those of you who are operating on a fairly tight budget and want to keep an eye on your costs. Within this app you can establish a personal budget and then receiving ongoing update as to how much you have used while adding items to your list. You can also assign Iles to items in order to get through the supermarket more efficiently.

  • Great app for budgeting your grocery spending
  • Many great features
  • Track an item’s expiration date
  • Multiple shopping lists
  • Store exclusive coupons 

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iPhone / iPad
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From budget-conscious shoppers to health-conscious shoppers, if you are trying to adhere to a healthy eating plan then this is definitely the app for you. The data in this app is incredibly comprehensive, including food nutrition facts panels for countless food items, in addition to detailed labelling for allergens such as dairy, gluten, nuts, and so. If you are fixed on a certain goal such as improving your cardiovascular health, losing weight, avoiding gluten or lactose, or eating a vegetarian diet then you will find this app to be very useful.

  • Receive nutritional information for your grocery list
  • Easily avoid allergens in foods
  • Scan item barcodes within the app
  • Stick to your eating plans more easily
  • Includes a clear and concise interface

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Free Shopping List Ease features a very attractive interface that makes this app a pleasure to use. You'll find all of the usual grocery list features in this utility as well as full support and access to your database on your Apple Watch. You can synchronise your list across all of your iOS devices and your computer, plus if you share your lists with your family members then you will receive a push notification if they purchase any of the ingredients on the lists you have created.

  • Beautifully simple interface
  • Easy to use for all people
  • Sync lists with your desktop and Apple Watch
  • Tells you how to budget your trips
  • Add different values to your lists

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myShopi - Shopping list - Grocery list has been downloaded by more than 4.5 million people around the world. That's really not surprising at all especially after you look at the gorgeous interface and vast amount of content that is on offer. Although this app is suitable for people worldwide, it is particularly aimed at users in Belgium due to support for store loyalty cards, cashback schemes, and even information for individual grocery stores across the country.

  • Create multiple lists
  • Aimed at users in Belgium
  • Over 1,000 predefined items
  • Track purchased items
  • Share lists via social media

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This is another grocery list at that enables you to create a virtual pantry in order to keep track of the ingredients you currently have in stock at your home. You can also line up all of your ingredients and grocery lists with your own personal recipes, providing you with a comprehensive personalized database for all your culinary needs. What's more, you can scan the barcode on items to add and directly into your shopping list, saving you even more time and hassle so that you can get in and out of the grocery store more quickly than ever before.

  • Create multiple grocery lists
  • Create a virtual pantry to track your ingredients stocks
  • Compile your own recipe database and find more online
  • Includes a barcode scanner
  • Assign aisles to items to save time in the supermarket

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Wunderlist is an extremely popular app both on desktop computers and on iOS devices, so if you want a list creation at that you can use in the home, office, and supermarket then this is almost certainly the utility you have been looking for. You can create all manner of versatile lists, synchronize them across all of your devices, and then share them with your friends, family, and colleagues with ease. You can even start chats with fellow users about tasks that need to be completed and items that need to be purchased.

  • Create an unlimited number of lists
  • Synchronise your list across all devices and computers
  • Attach photos, documents, and more to your lists
  • Chat with collaborators within your lists
  • Set up reminders to ensure you forget nothing

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Although this app doesn't have the most attractive interface in its field, it definitely delivers the goods in terms of overall functionality. This app helps you track prices from multiple supermarket chains across the country so that you can budget your shopping trips more effectively while still beating in a healthy manner. You can also save details of coupons and even share your lists with your friends and family via email.

  • Cross-references multiple grocery items
  • Some great weekly deals
  • Lists resources from multiple websites
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support

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