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The best grocery list apps for iPhone and iPad

29 Apr 2015 App Lists
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If you are looking for a little assistance when grocery shopping then check out our list of the best grocery list apps for your iPhone and iPad.


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For many people, a list is more than just a list! And this app, will definitely meet the needs of the serious list makers. 

  • Organizes and creates a decent shopping list 
  • The ultimate app for those who need lists
  • All you have to do is to scan the item’s barcode
  • Automatically stores products on your list
  • Sync shopping list with any iOS device

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If organizing a shopping list can be daunting, then this app makes life so much easier.

  • Know what ingredients to buy for a recipe
  • Know what you are looking for with the help of this app
  • Very convenient to use
  • Lets you search for different recipes online
  • Organize all of your desired ingredients on a shopping list

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Ever heard the phrase “shop smart” before? This app definitely helps to save you money among many other great features.

  • Great app for budgeting your grocery spending
  • Many great features
  • Track an item’s expiration date
  • Multiple shopping lists
  • Stores exclusive coupons 

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iPhone / iPad
1 review

This is a great app for those who only desire simply shopping.

  • Helps you create a simple shopping list
  • Perfect for grocery lists 
  • Very convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Autofill functions



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iPhone / iPad
3 reviews

This app allows you to create more than just grocery lists.

  • Makes lists for all sorts of items
  • Even useful for non-grocery purposes
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy interface
  • Tells you if you have already bought an item

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This app is great for those of you who have never used a grocery list app before.

  • Easy to use
  • Lists are all saved in the database
  • Allows quick queries
  • Calculates amount and budget
  • Multiple units

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Make beautiful designed lists and share them with others. Great for family members to share with each other. 

  • Saves time shopping
  • Avoids instances of double purchasing
  • Reduce paper usage in the form of receipts
  • Automatic syncing
  • Multiple platform functions

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iPhone / iPad
1 review
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Scan foods and know which ingredients to avoid are just two of the great features in this app.

  • Lets you eat healthier food
  • Achieve daily goals of nutrition
  • In-app barcode scanner
  • Provides feedback
  • Know which ingredients to avoid

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Shopping lists and coupons just seem to go hand in hand. And this app gets that.

  • Beautifully simple
  • Easy to use
  • Sync list with your desktop
  • Tells you how to budget your trips
  • Add different values to your list

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iPhone / iPad
1 review

Make your grocery shopping experience a more pleasant one by using this app.

  • Create multiple lists
  • Add items by tapping icons
  • Over 1000 predefined items
  • Track purchased items
  • Share lists via social media

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This app not only offers coupons for users, but it also offers a forum to communicate with others.

  • Daily coupons
  • Full posting functions
  • Attach photos from any source
  • Private messaging functions
  • Custom views

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iPhone / iPad
2 reviews

If you ever get tired of going to the grocery store by yourself, then bring a "grocery pal" along with you. 

  • Weekly sales
  • Lists major U.S. stores
  • Easily look for sale items
  • Share lists in real-time
  • Restore your list to the “default” one

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This app easily transforms you from an average shopper into a shopping pro.

  • Save time with this app
  • Quick making of lists
  • Sync list with other devices
  • Daily coupons
  • Tracks budget and products

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This app is designed for the bargain shoppers out there. Cross reference items, check coupons and more with this app. 

  • Cross-references multiple grocery items
  • Weekly deals
  • Lists resources from multiple websites
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support

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iPhone / iPad
1 review

Here's another solid app that helps you to become a pro at grocery shopping.

  • Full digital functions
  • iCloud auto-syncing functions
  • Full “living lists”
  • Imports CSV functions
  • Intuitive interface

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iPhone / iPad
1 review

This is certainly useful for stocking and managing your pantry. It also makes your grocery shopping easier and more efficient.

  • Manage all items
  • Full account functions
  • Easy interface
  • Instant notifications
  • Custom categories 

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iPhone / iPad

This is the Smart grocery app for those looking to be efficient and cost saving when grocery shopping.

  • Minimalist and effective design
  • Apple iWatch compatible 
  • Never forget your foods
  • Keeps track of which foods you might need to buy
  • Quickly create weekly lists 

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