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The best iPhone apps for scrapbooking

09 Jul 2015 App Lists
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Scrapbooking is an ever-growing hobby with more and more people taking an interest in it all the time. This is a list of apps dedicated to the art and joy of scrapbooking and they are filled with ideas, tips, information, and even tools you can use to create the ultimate scrapbook. Some of these apps are scrapbook specific such as creating a baby book or baby journal while others are more broad.

iPhone / iPad

Create digital scrapbooks with ease thanks to the Photo Scrapbook app. This one offers all kinds of tools and more than 120 different layouts to choose from. This one allows users to tap into their creativity and produce some rather fun and unique results. Features include more than 50 pattern borders, a variety of stickers, the ability to add text to your collage, and you can pick your background color and pattern. All your creations can be shared by email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and you can also save it to your Camera Roll. The app provides users with a much more eye-catching way to display multiple pictures.

  • There are more than 120 layouts to choose from
  • There are more than 50 pattern borders
  • Make use of the stickers and text
  • Share your creations by email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Save creations to your Camera Roll

Scrapbooking has never been easier because now you can create beautiful and memorable collages without all the mess and tools. The Skrappy app provides you with a digital way to take part in the creative hobby as you create scrapbooks, journals, and photo albums. You'll be able to use your own photos of course as well as text, web pages, movies, music, and voice memos. The digital version of scrapbooking in fact allows you to be even more creative. There are a variety of themes to choose from or if you'd rather you can make your own. There is a massive amount of editing tools and when you're done you can share your scrapbook by iTunes File Sharing and even print them.

  • Create scrapbooks with ease
  • Add photos, text, music, movies, web pages, and more
  • Choose from one of the pre-made themes or create your own
  • Share scrapbooks by iTunes File Sharing
  • Print your scrapbook

If you're the type that loves to create something special out of photos then the Pic Collage app may just be the tool you've been searching for. This one makes it possible to import your favorite photos from Facebook, Instagram, and your own Photo Library and start making a masterpiece. You can even do a web image search if you like. Editing tools include such things as being able to clip photos, rotate pictures, add stickers and backgrounds, add a frame, and plenty more. You can turn around and share this collage to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well you can print them.

  • Transform your photos into stunning collages
  • There are plenty of editing tools to make use of
  • Import photos from your Photo Library, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Print your creations and share them on social media

If you're a new parent then there's a good chance you're looking for a way to record all of your baby's firsts. The Baby Tracker & Digital Scrapbook app is a fun offering where you will be able to put together the perfect tribute to your little one. This app is more than just a cute way of recording moments in your little one's life however it also gives you a way to track the development and health of your baby, you can create a timeline for them, find information on items that can help you and your little one, and plenty more. There are countless articles that provide you with insight into your child's first year.

  • Put together a book of memories for your little one
  • Track the development and health of your baby
  • Read a variety of articles regarding your baby’s first year
  • The app is user-friendly

iPhone / iPad

Now you can put together beautiful digital scrapbooks filled with all your special moments and then share them with friends and family. The ScrapNShare app features 20 free theme kits that you can make use of and each of them includes stickers, boarders, backgrounds, and even word art. Drag the elements around the page, rotate them, draw right on the pages, and plenty more. As far as how you can share your content you can save it, print it, email it, and also post it to Flickr, Facebook, and Pinterest. This app aims to please all levels of scrapbookers whether you're new to the hobby or a seasoned pro.

  • Create a personalized scrapbook that you can save, print, email, and share to social networks
  • There are 20 free theme kits
  • There are plenty of elements to make use of

iPhone / iPad
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It's crazy how fast time can pass by with things happening each and every day sometimes they get rather jumbled up. The Lifecake app is a fun one that gives parents the ability to see and then share their child's moments and progress. Now what's great is that this information is displayed in a stunning timeline slideshow complete with music. The way this one works is that you can add photos from Picasa, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox and even combine yours with your partner's. You can skip ahead to a certain stage and zoom in on it and you can share these timelines with whoever you want.

  • Create beautiful slideshows of your child’s timeline
  • Add music to the timeline
  • Use photos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Picasa
  • You can also use photos from your partner for a more complete timeline

iPhone / iPad

Do you have a rather large amount of craft and scrapbooking supplies and tools? If so the Craft Cabinet app has been designed for you so you can stay organized at all times. This app acts as an inventory list and manager. Just add the items you have and start creating cabinets with drawers that are customizable. You can add notes to each item, the location, a description, and even a picture. This app can also be used to keep track of the projects you are working on. The user interface is basic but smooth so you won't have any problems navigating it.

  • This app keeps you organized and managed when it comes to your crafting and scrapbooking supplies
  • Add each item, its location, a description, and a picture
  • Track the projects you are currently working on

iPhone / iPad

There's no need to settle for dull and standard looking photos when instead you could download the Snapbook app. This one will completely transform your photos as you will be able to all kinds of cool and unique scrapbook style elements to your photos. This includes such things as stickers, embellishments, borders, frames, and more. There are a variety of kits available that make being creative simple and fun. All of your creations can be printed so you can add them to an actual scrapbook. The app is easy to navigate, simple to use, and filled with creative tools for you to discover.

  • The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • There are a wide variety of tools and kits available
  • You can print the pages/cards that you create
  • Make use of the borders, frames, stickers, and more

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