The best iPhone apps for weightlifting

If you want to learn about weightlifting, track your workouts or change up your current routines, then check out our list of the best weightlifting apps for the iPhone.


2 Apr 2015, by Rick Rockwell

Stay up to date on all of the latest USA Weightlifting news and competitions. 

  • Functions like a quarterly newsletter
  • Official publication of the national governing body of weightlifting
  • Regular updates covering the weightlifting scene in the country today
  • Tips on how to qualify for international competition like the Olympics
  • All-inclusive

Learn how to properly perform a tricky yet basic powerlifting exercise - the Snatch - with the help of this app. 

  • Teaches you the technique behind “Snatching”
  • Allows you to perfect the Olympic style of weightlifting
  • Detailed tutorials
  • Full 3D views
  • Intuitive 

Olympifit Snatch by Bob Pavone app review: take lessons from a champion

For those of you who don't want to think about how many plates go on each side of the bar, this app will do all the boring calculations for you!

  • Meant to be used for weightlifting competitions
  • Displays equal amount of weights to be loaded on each end of the bar by calculation
  • Color-coordinated diagrams
  • Automatically converts pound to kilos and vice-versa
  • Intuitive interface

BarzLoaded app review: providing convenience for weightlifters

A great resource for apps of all sporting niches including weightlifting. 

  • Lists all apps which has anything to do remotely with sports
  • Sorts apps by popularity
  • Provides screenshots
  • Extensive search descriptors
  • Constant support

Sports Apps app review: bringing the world of sports in your fingertips

You can share your weightlifting routine with the rest of the world, and it all starts with this app!

  • Highly visual presentation of your workout logs
  • Includes similar activities like CrossFit and yoga
  • Random workout suggestions daily
  • Shows you the “timeline” from your weightlifting sessions
  • Shares to most social networking accounts

Cody app review: track your workouts and interact with a massive online fitness community

Log various stats of your workout using this handy app which has very simple input functions.

  • Motivates you to working out
  • Automatic thumbnails
  • Create custom workouts
  • Pre-filled exercise data
  • Lifetime support

PumpNlog app review: helping you keep track of your results

Keep track of your routines, increase in strength progress, and more with this app. 

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Fully optimizable
  • Very easy to use
  • Hi-res videos
  • Intuitive interface

Strong - Workout Tracker and Training Log app review: get on the move

This is like your very own personal trainer as it teaches you exercises, routines, and more. 

  • Teaches powerlifting
  • Full-bodied workouts
  • Tracks your progress easily
  • Lets you reaches your natural potential
  • 24/7 support

Multi-Year Weight Training app review: get started on a program
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