Lightning can be a marvelous, yet intimidating sight. If you want to learn more about this natural occurrence, then check out our list of the best lightning apps for your iPhone. 


Lightning Distance - Calculate where thunder and lightning struck 1.0

Price: $0.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm? You can finally know when it’s safe to go out with the use of this app! It will calculate how far away the storm is, allowing you safe passage. 



Lightning! 3.0

Price: $2.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Experience the awesome destructive force of nature with this beautiful app. enjoy hundreds of stunning lightning images. Frankly, the only thing missing from here is Metallica’s Ride the Lightning as background music. 



Lightning HD

Price: Free

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Here’s another nifty way of avoiding being struck by lightning… literally! Gauge the distance between the lightning and the ground you’re standing on with the use of this handy app!



Art Lightning 1.1

Price: $0.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

This is probably the closest thing you can have to lightning “striking” your iPhone! And what’s more, the art pieces which will be installed from this app are highly interactive. 




Price: $1.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iTouch

If you want to capture your own amazing photos of lightning bolts then this is the perfect app for you. iLightningCam does all the work for you as it will detect the lightning bolts and automatically take photos. Perfect for the iPhone 5.