Celebrate national tooth fairy day by checking out our list of the best tooth fairy apps for the iPad. Teach your children all about the tooth fairy and the importance of brushing their teeth. 


Call Tooth Fairy TD 1.0

Price: $0.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Is your child worried about the impending tooth loss?  Let them call out for the Tooth Fairy by downloading this app. Imagine how awesome the rest of our childhoods would have been if we could have had facetime with the Tooth Fairy.



Tooth Fairy Calculator 1.1.0

Price: Free

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Oh man, there’s no way that this app would have existed five years ago when things were still on a minimal upswing! It even includes inflation rates for parents who may be thinking that they may be giving too much money to their kids for just one measly tooth! If fair assessment’s your thing, then this app is surely for you!



Parents Calling Tooth Fairy 1.0

Price: $1.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

 This app is just the latest example of inspiring a kid's imagination, by showing your child that you’re calling the Tooth Fairy. Watch yourself how much your child’s eyes will widen when they get a call—and a song!—back from the Tooth Fairy.



Starlight the Tooth Fairy`s Secret 1.0

Price: $1.99

For: iPhone, iPad,iPod touch

Frankly, the tone on this tale leans a little too much on the “Barbie” side of the spectrum. Still, this is a great way to tell your kids the virtues of independence and self-reliance.



My tooth fell out! 1.2

Price: $3.99

For: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

In the real world, how will your child feel when they know that, sooner or later, they will have to lose a tooth soon? Well, just reassure them that the anxiety they’re feeling is just normal with this interactive book. And yes, the app also teaches your kids why they should brush their teeth.