The best GPS apps for iPhone

Whether you're an avid hiker or you are planning an ambitious road trip, you will definitely want to make use of a GPS app on your iPhone in order to plan your route and orientate yourself if you should happen to get lost. The following is a list of the best GPS apps for the iPhone with many features, functions and capabilities. 

20 Jul 2016, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Forget those annoying calls from friends and family asking where you are and get Find Me! Find Me is a GPS iPhone app that allows you to share your GPS location with family and friends. Choose a particular period of time that you’d like your location known, and share it with whomever needs to know. Simply send a message to your friends, and they’ll know where to find you or when to expect you. This nifty little app would also be terrific in an emergency. Privacy controls are simple and easy to use, and the app supports Apple maps, Google maps, and more. 

  • No more annoying calls asking where you are
  • Share your location with friends and family
  • Easy privacy settings
  • Compatible with Google maps and more
  • Helpful in emergency

GPS Tracker is a fabulous GPS tracking app. Install this handy app on as many mobile devices as you wish. Users can access data across all of their shared devices, and see both life and historical locations, as well and the speed of other devices. Users can share their location with approved users by simply sending them a link. Remove sharing whenever you wish to restore privacy. GPS Tracker allows you to track family and friends anywhere on the globe. This is a must-have for backpackers, travellers, and teens. Parents will love the app’s ability to help them keep track of their kids’ devices, or just keep tabs on kids!

  • GPS tracking app
  • Share across unlimited devices
  • Follow family and friends
  • Easily grant or remove access to your location
  • Keep track of devices

Get more data about your next hike with Travel Altimeter Lite. This handy app will inform you of much more than your location; you’ll be able to access your elevation or altitude and see the change between two points. Always stay oriented with the built in compass, and get access to your latitude and longitude as well. The app will provide users with accurate data about ground elevation, and you can easily toggle feet or meters. Enjoy the stunning backgrounds that change to reflect the time of day or night, or easily set your own custom background. 

  • View altitude
  • View differences in elevation 
  • Built-in compass
  • Access latitude and longitude
  • Stunning and customizable backgrounds

Travel Altimeter Lite for iPad app review

Want to leave a trail of virtual breadcrumbs for your friends and family? Simply install GPS Location Tracker onto your devices and it will leave a virtual trail for you, as it uploads your location data periodically to a secure server. To view your location, followers simply check the website FollowMee to see where you are. The tracking interval is fully customizable, so you can change it to suit your needs. Users can also set the device to track a vehicle, starting and stopping only when a vehicle is moving. Features include a panic button, password protection, and the ability to track multiple devices.

  • Leave a virtual trail
  • Panic button
  • Customize tracking interval
  • Track a vehicle
  • Password protection

GPS Location Tracker for iPhone and iPad app review: track your movements accurately

What we have here is an excellent app for those of you who spend a lot of time on the road or who may be planning a long-distance road trip. You'll be able to record your total mileage in order to monitor your expenses and even claim back the relevant amounts on your tax returns where relevant. This app also doubles up as a very helpful, navigational tool as it helps you to find postal addresses with the use of GPS. Take photos of receipts, sync data across iDevices, mark location points, backup and restore data, support for commercial vehicles, automatically detect movement to begin tracking and many more awesome features. 

  • Tracks total mileage during your drives
  • Can be used for filling out IRS tax returns
  • Saves receipt either on Mac or in the cloud
  • Finds postal addresses via GPS
  • Calculates fuel for the whole trip

TripLog app review: be sure you're billing for accurate mileage

In the digital age, savvy travellers are keen to record their adventures. One epic adventure can generate many hundreds of shots, so you need gps4cam Lite so that you can geotag your photos and keep track of where each one was taken. The app is compatible with all image formats and is a must-have accessory for the serious photographer. Users can sync this app with every brand of camera, and it requires absolutely no syncing between them. This version is the lite version so you’ll only be able to use it during the first 30 minutes to tag your photos.

  • Geotag your photographs
  • Compatible with all image formats
  • Syncs with every brand of camera
  • No syncing required
  • Free GPS app for iPhone

Speaking of navigational tools, we have the awesome Sygic: GPS Navigation, Offline Maps & POI, Traffic & Speed Cameras, which acts as your very own satellite navigation device thanks to a collection of high-quality TomTom maps. This app utilizes the iOS text-to-speech functionality to provide you with specific instructions and spoken street names that will help you at every turn. This really is one the best navigational apps for car journeys, and it receives a shining recommendation from us.

  • Beautiful HUD
  • Works offline
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Daily updates
  • Presents all maps in 3D
  • High quality TomTom maps

Sygic GPS Navigation app review: never get lost again

Waze offers a very intelligent spin on the genre of GPS navigation apps by combining navigational tools with live routing based on community driven, real-time traffic updates and road information so that you will always be able to find the best route to your destination. The online community provide updates with alerts for things like accidents, police traps, closed roads, and loads more so that you can receive turn-by-turn guided navigation for a smooth journey every time. What's more, you can even send your ETA to the people you are planning to meet, further developing on the community-driven aspect of this app.

  • In-app community
  • Lists real-time traffic alerts
  • Voice-guided navigation
  • Share your ETA with the people you are meeting
  • Intuitive interface

'Waze' Turns Your Commute Into a Traffic-Free Social Experience Best iPhone Apps For Navigation Best iPhone Apps For NavigationWaze app reviewWaze app review: A GPS navigation and social traffic sharing tool

Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigational and route planning tools in the world, and now you can make extensive use of its awesome functionality from the convenience of your iPhone. Within this app, you will find accurate maps for 220 different countries around the world, with incredibly detailed maps for more than 15,000 different cities and towns and detailed information on over 100 million specific locations, including restaurants, shops, museums, tourist attractions, and much more.

  • One of the most popular navigational tools in the world
  • Includes coverage for 220 countries and territories
  • Includes maps for more than 15,000 cities and towns
  • Provides live traffic updates and automatic rerouting
  • View indoor imagery for establishments around the world

Google Maps app reviewGoogle Maps app review: back and better than ever

If you like the idea of combining navigation with social interaction then you will definitely want to check out Scout GPS Navigation because it enables you to chat and make plans from within the app while receiving turn-by-turn directions all the while. This app serves wonderfully as an all-in-one event planning tool, enabling you to set up reminders for your meet ups while chatting to your friends and even finding great establishments in your local area where you and your loved ones can meet for dinner.

  • Combines navigation with social interaction
  • Receive directions throughout your journeys
  • Chat with your friends from within the app
  • Set up reminders for your meet ups
  • Find great venues in your local area

Scout Personalized GPS app review

GPS TRACKER (Follow family/friends with your phone) is a very well designed utility that enables you to locate another iPhone user and view their movements over the last 12 hours, making full use of the GPS functionality in each the rise. This app is ideal for finding your friends if they are lost, locating your iPhone if it gets stolen, or simply knowing where a loved one is throughout the day. Using this app frequently will reduce your iPhone battery life but it is well worth it if you need that peace of mind.

  • Track the movements of an iPhone over the last 12 hours
  • Provides detailed mapping via GPS functionality
  • Ideal for locating friends and family
  • Also useful for finding your phone if it is stolen
  • Register within a matter of seconds

GPS TRACKER (Follow family/friends with your phone) app review
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