The best Texas holdem apps for iPhone

We certainly won't be keeping our cards close to the vest with today's awesome list of the best Texas hold 'em apps for the iPhone. If you are a fan of Texas hold’em poker then you are going to have a great time with the apps on this list. So, push all of your chips into the middle, go all-in and check out these awesome Texas hold’em apps.

12 Feb 2016, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

This free Texas hold’em poker app provides you with the chance to play against real people from around the world. It’s a great way to test your skills, sharpen your skills and learn how to become a better player especially if you aspire to head to the casinos or poker houses. The game features live chat, personal avatars, tournaments, ring games, free daily gold, lottery draw, virtual goods to send others and more. You must have a Facebook account to connect and register with the app. There are in-app purchases for premium features.

  • Play against real people from around the world
  • Live chat, personal avatars, virtual goods
  • Ring Games and Tournaments
  • Lottery draw, Register via Facebook
  • In-app purchases for premium features

Play video poker with this highly touted poker app. It has a host of features that will impress you like a unique double or nothing game, play with others and build your own team, buy and sell others, free chips daily and gift cards, high quality graphics, great shuffle engine, Game Center integration with leaderboard and achievements, and tons of fun. You can also win more chips to unlock new tables that are more challenging, with variations. In-app purchases are available to enhance your poker playing experience.

  • High quality video poker graphics, Great shuffling engine
  • Play with others, Build a poker team
  • Unlock more tables, Win more chips
  • Free daily chips and gift cards, Variety of games
  • In-app purchases to enhance overall experience

Texas Hold'em by Yiihua offers a beautiful portrait orientation interface with an awesome social system that allows you to interact with other players and make friends so that you can enjoy playing together again in the future. There is a fantastic competitive element to this game as you can see where you place on the leaderboards and try to increase your rankings by playing more and more. What's more, there are tons of rewards on offer, and you can even earn more by playing on the slot machine. Check out our app review for more details.

  • Smooth operations
  • Elegant vertical interface
  • Leaderboards
  • Compete with anyone online
  • Unlock chests for rewards

Texas Hold’em by Yiihua app review:exciting poker fun

If you’ve seen this popular poker game on TV and wanted to learn more about it, then here’s your chance. This is a tremendous teaching tool for those of you wanting to learn how to play Texas hold’em. You play virtual hands and receive feedback based on your play. Let’s face it, some of us learn best by making mistakes and learning from them. Win in-app currency to get additional hand packs for play and coaching. Game scenarios are crafted by world professionals to teach you valuable and realistic lessons. Play for free, win more hand packs or skip ahead by purchasing more hand packs with the in-app purchases.

  • Learn how to play Texas hold’em
  • Play for free or earn coins for more hand packs
  • Realistic game playing scenarios
  • World professionals at your fingertips
  • In-app purchases for additional hand packs 

One of the world’s most popular poker forums has now become available via your iPhone for quick access to tips, tricks, guides, opinions and much more. There are over 120,000 poker players in this forum, which just about guarantees that you will learn something or at least enjoy conversation with other poker players. You can access your private messages on the go, search through millions of posts, learn strategy for online or real life play, get inside tips from professionals and discuss particular hands or scenarios to improve your overall poker playing. This really is an invaluable resource that everyone should have on their iPhone.

  • Access the world’s most popular poker forum
  • Learn strategies, tips, tricks and more
  • Discuss hands or specific scenarios
  • Communicate with others including professionals
  • Private messages, Over 120,000 members

Here’s a great tool to help you count cards and become a better poker player. The calculations are lighting fast with a high degree of accuracy. The interface is easy to use and is optimized for the latest iDevices. There’s a hand strength feature, Pot odds, Odds calculator, Expected Value, Post flop analysis, a chip counting tool and more. From pre to post flops, this app will aid you greatly in determining what move you should make based on the odds and calculations. Download it now and watch how your poker playing improves.

  • Odds calculator with many other features
  • Hand strength tool to see how strong your hand is
  • Pot odds calculator to determine best pot odds
  • Odd calculator to reconstruct other hands
  • Post flop analysis, Chip counter

This highly addicting and fun poker game is now available on the iOS for all to play. Play against other people from around the world and learn how to become one of the best poker players around. The app features free chips, various games like Texas hold’em or Omaha, weekly tournaments to try and win, gifts, awards and more. You need a Facebook account to register for this app. As you win and progress through tournaments, your player ratings will rise. The app has a stylish interface, friendly atmosphere and in-app purchases to acquire more coins.

  • Fun game with a friendly atmosphere
  • Weekly tournaments to compete in against others
  • Various games like Omaha and Texas hold’em
  • Free chips, Requires Facebook to register
  • In-app purchases to obtain more coins

This authentic poker app is free with in-app purchases to acquire more coins. Upon signup, you will receive coins. There are days where you can get free bonus chips or invite friends and get even more free chips. The premise of this poker app for the iPhone is to play against one other opponent in a head-to-head battle. There are tables with different speeds, leaderboard, search for friends, sit n’ go tournaments, statistics for how well you are doing, a mini-slot game, in-game virtual gifts and more. You will need a Facebook account for registration.

  • Play head-to-head with one other opponent
  • Get free chips per day or when inviting others
  • Play at different speeds: slow, medium, fast
  • Leaderboard, Search for friends, tournaments
  • In-app purchases for more coins

This Texas hold’em iPhone app is integrated with Facebook for quick registration and to share with others. You can get free daily gifts and more chip bonuses in addition to the large amount of chips you get when first signing up. There are 100’s of tables, 5 to 9 person tables, wonderful graphics, a variety of tournaments, Live in-game chat, plenty of virtual gifts, simple interface, smooth gameplay, personalized profile, a poker buddy list,  and the chance to unlock special prizes. There are in-app purchases to quickly get more chips and go all in if you desire.

  • Smooth gameplay, Sweet graphics, Simple interface
  • 100’s of tables, 5 to 9 person tables
  • Free bonus chips when signing up, Need Facebook
  • Unlock special prizes, Variety of tournaments
  • In-app purchases for additional chips

To finish off today's list of best poker apps for iPhone we have World Series of Poker - WSOP Texas Holdem Free Casino, which provides you with free chips every four hours so that you can keep playing on a continuous basis. This app is compatible with all of your iOS devices and you can even play on your desktop computer via Facebook. When you connect with your Facebook account you will also be granted $15,000 in additional chips completely free of charge, so what are you waiting for!

  • Receive free chips every four hours
  • Play with your friends online via Facebook
  • Link with your Facebook account for free chips
  • Play anonymously in Guess Mode
  • Enjoy tournaments and varied game modes

World Series of Poker app review: enjoy the action no matter where you are
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