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The best crossword apps for iPhone

12 Feb 2015 App Lists
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If you enjoy doing crossword puzzles then check out our list of the best crossword apps for your iPhone. 


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iPhone / iPad
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If you want a more challenging spin on your crosswords, then check out this app.

  • Specific content made for the app
  •  Clues for the words are shown right on the row where you’re tapping on
  • 15 puzzles all in all
  • Toggles between difficulty levels
  • “Help” function

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iPhone / iPad
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Stuck on a crossword? Then this app should get you out of that funk you’re in!

  • Helps you solve any kind of crossword puzzle
  • Utilizes a custom anagram for solving words
  • Links to Wikipedia directly
  • Dictionary accessible even when offline
  • Shifts between “three” types of English

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If you love the entertainment world, then check out this app with crosswords devoted to pop culture and entertainment

  • Fun puzzles that the average Joe can actually solve
  • Universal app
  • New puzzle every day
  • Game Center integration
  • More than 500 puzzles ready to solve

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iPhone / iPad

It’s based on the Guess My Word! series, and puts a fresh new spin on regular run-of-the-mill crosswords.

  • A new style of addictive gameplay
  • Great for beginners and geniuses alike
  • Free and lightweight app
  • Hints for sticking points
  • Additional packs available for purchase

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iPhone / iPad
1 review
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This app adds more interaction to your crossword puzzle-playing experience. 

  • Downloads available crosswords from all major publications
  • 15 exclusive made-for-app puzzles
  • “Intersecting” function shows you which boxes need to be filled to complete the whole row
  • Automatically highlights all related entries
  • Optional timer

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iPhone / iPad
2 reviews
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If you love to solve crosswords but hate those sticking points, then this app is sure to help you get past them!

  • Solves all difficult crosswords
  • Combination of 270,000 words from the entirety of the English language 
  • Chooses your patterns on solving a word
  • Easy interface
  • Allows offline use

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A crossword app made for the clueless puzzlers in all of us!

  • Easy clues for each puzzle
  • Works as an anagram solver 
  • Labels each box accordingly
  • Common answers which everyone knows
  • Allows you to post your scores online

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iPhone / iPad

Here's an app that contains thousands of New York Times puzzles for free!

  • Thousands of free downloadable puzzles
  • Authors from around the world
  • Snazzy interface
  • Includes all types of crossword puzzles including cryptic, acrostic, logic, rebus, and more
  • A must-have for puzzle lovers

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    Solve puzzles daily in a quick manner with this app, which not only provides you with the day's crossword but also the previous seven days' puzzles.

    • New crossword puzzles daily
    • Intuitive “clue” viewing
    • Smart hints functions
    • Can be accessed offline
    • In-app timer

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    Here's an app that contains hundreds of crossword puzzles for your entertainment.

    • Spanish, German, and more English puzzles can be unlocked
    • New puzzle every week
    • Toggle between across and down clues
    • Two writing modes: pen and pencil
    • Jump to the next clue when one is completed

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    iPhone / iPad

    Play endless crosswords which have no end whether you go up or down, left or right! Think of them as cylindrical puzzles.

    • Choose your level of difficulty
    • Puzzle packs available for purchase
    • Save and resume puzzles with ease
    • Game center integration
    • Play your own music and toggle sounds effects

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    iPhone / iPad

    More than a hundred free puzzles are available in this app, which was designed with commuters in mind.

    • Over 130 free puzzles
    • Checks for accuracy as you type
    • Tutorial mode for newbies
    • Play in portrait or landscape modes
    • Receive hints for letters, clues, or the entire puzzle

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