If you plan on visiting Kansas City or just recently moved to the city, then check out our list of the best Kansas City apps for the iPad.


KSHB 41 for iPad

Price: $2.99

This app gives you the latest news, weather and sports coverage for Kansas City including live streaming video. Perfect for residents looking to stay up to date on current events. 


Kansas City Chiefs Fan Static

Price: Free

This app makes it easier for you to follow your favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. One convenient source for everything the players and personnel say on Twitter. 




Kansas City Star for iPad

Price: Free

This app gives you real-time breaking news and content designed to be read on the iPad. Get sports coverage, traffic information, the weather and much more. 




Kansas City Airport HD

Price: $1.99

This app covers the Kansas City International Airport, one of the biggest Midwest airports. This app gives you information on restaurants, shops, transportation and flight information at the airport.




Kansas City Genius Map

Price: $0.99

This app gives you high quality offline maps, with information on things like streets, place-marks and landmarks. Perfect for if you don't have an internet connection.