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The best iPhone apps for bodybuilding

24 Mar 2015 App Lists
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If you are into bodybuilding or want to learn more about it then check out our list of the best bodybuilding apps for your iPhone.


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Go to the gym with an iPhone avatar as your workout partner to give you all the motivation you need.

  • Allows you input the sets you’re working on for the week
  • Watch as your in-game character also do the same on his gym
  • Allows for comparison of results with your avatar
  • 12 categories for working out
  • Selects which muscle group to work on a specific day

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iPhone / iPad

Get inspired workouts from this app, which contains content from some of the greatest bodybuilders of all-time. 

  • Collects all the images of the world’s best bodybuilders
  • Also includes pictures of legends in the business like Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman
  • Detailed workout regimens for each personality
  • Huge gallery of images
  • In-app quiz

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Strengthen, condition and put some size on those arms and legs with the help of this app. 

  • Personal program devised by former NHL star and now-personal trainer Craig Ramsay
  • Made with the beginner bodybuilder in mind
  • Detailed explanations on how the different muscles of the body works
  • Allows you to choose your own exercises
  • Intuitive drop-down menus

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This app is one of the most comprehensive fitness apps on the market. 

  • Tracks the stats of your body from day one
  • Allows you to customize your workouts
  • Extensive database of both common and obscure exercises
  • Two-way syncing with the app’s server
  • Allows you to save your workout logs on cloud

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It’s the magazine to which all bodybuilding enthusiasts swear by, and it’s available on the iOS!

  • Detailed workout videos
  • The widest variety of workouts anywhere
  • Also includes workouts specific for MMA
  • Insightful articles from the world’s top bodybuilders
  • 24/7 support

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iPhone / iPad

Building a perfect body entails hard work and dedication on your part. So, let this app help you.

  • Exercises can be performed by all genders and ages
  • Categorizes exercises into “bodybuilding” and “working out”
  • Full-colored illustrations
  • Instructs you how to perform exercises safely
  • Intuitive interface

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As it turns out, seven minutes is just enough!

  • 12 exercises
  • Each exercise can be performed for only 30 seconds
  • Simple design
  • Scientifically proven
  • Complete content

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iPhone / iPad
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One of the most recognized fitness programs on the planet. A must have if you are going to try or are currently using P90X.

  • Complete tracking functions
  • Gets you motivated for working out
  • Automatically personalized sets
  • Records all your workouts
  • Share your workouts 

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Keep track of all of your workouts, progress, data and more with this great app. 

  • Complete workout logger
  • User-friendly functions
  • Minimalist dashboard
  • Very effective for its purpose
  • Generates your own routine

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