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Email has become one of the most popular ways to communicate with others for personal or professional reasons. Email apps have made emailing more efficient, effective and enjoyable. These apps have a wide range of features that include mailing lists, calendar functions, notifications, various attachment options and much more. If you are looking to improve your overall emailing experience then check out our list of the best email apps for the iPad. 

27 Feb 2016, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Do you send a lot of emails from your iPad? Are you tired of the standard Mail app? Try Ark! It's a mobile email client that shows the social info of everyone who emails you, and syncs with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Probably the greatest thing about this app is that it pulls all your contacts' profiles from multiple social networks and puts it together and displays links for you right in the app alongside their names. You can preview their profiles within the app and make your emails more personal and/or savvy, depending on what your purpose for the email actually is.

  • Free mobile email client
  • Displays links to all your clients' social platform profiles
  • Allows you to research your contacts before emailing
  • Emails are not stored on Ark's servers
  • Swipe to interact

Spark is a relatively new email app that automatically determines if your email is personal, a newsletter, or a notification, and sorts it with similar emails so you can process them faster and more efficiently. You can quickly scan your inbox and tell if the emails there are important or something you can put off until later. Swipe to archive or delete messages, pin the emails you want or need to deal with today, or swipe to snooze it until tomorrow or another day.  Another great feature is the smart search function that allows you to use natural language to search your emails. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch.

  • Analyzes the type of message in your inbox and sorts emails according to importance
  • Swipe to archive or delete messages
  • Pin emails you want to deal with today or swipe to snooze messages
  • Use natural language to search
  • Compatible with Apple Watch

This mail app by Coded Dreams is full-featured and offers in-app feedback and customer support.  If you send multiple files to multiple addresses at a time, this app is perfect for you. It offers several useful functions like the ability to zip and unzip files, open files inside the app with other apps using “open in,” preview documents in different formats, and more. You can download web pages for reading later, download photos from the Internet, and attach multiple photos from your library. You even have the option to trim videos and crop photos before sending as attachments.

  • Full-featured email app
  • Send multiple attachments to several recipients at once
  • Zip and unzip files
  • Download web pages and photos from the Internet
  • Trim videos and crop photos before sending as attachments

MailTracker is not an email client! Instead, it works with the Mail app to track when people view your emails. The app is free to download and use, but it also offers some extra features you can pay for, either monthly or annually.  The free version allows two email accounts, shows how many times your email was viewed, for how long your email was read, and gives you configurable flood control settings and push alerts. The paid version allows you to have five email accounts, offers Google Apps for Business domains, gives you more starred users and muted notifications, and more search and feed history.

  • Not an email client
  • Works with the Mail app to show when people have viewed your emails
  • Free for the basic functions
  • Subscribe for advanced features
  • Also supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, Outlook/Hotmail accounts

MailTracker app review: track when your emails have been read

If you're like a bunch of us, your email inbox can sometimes be overwhelmingly full. Are you the type to leave your inbox to get increasingly full until you panic at the thought of trying to get through all of your messages? If so, Zero was made for you. Every swipe will automatically delete or archive your message to help you empty out your inbox. You can even schedule emails to show up in your inbox later. The app also offers Priority mode, where it sorts through incoming messages in order of importance. It has a self-learning algorithm so you will see the most relevant emails first. Zero has dozens of pre-written emails to save you time when composing messages, too.

  • Get the number of messages in your inbox down to zero!
  • Swipe to delete or archive messages
  • Set emails to show up later
  • Priority mode sorts emails by importance
  • Pre-written email templates to save you time

Zero app review: a user friendly email productivity app

If you deal with clients or work in sales, then you have to try ClearSlide Mail. You can see who is viewing your emails, see when and where it was opened, and see when an attachment you sent was opened.  You can consolidate all of your email addresses and calendars, and perform a number of functions using the app. It's integrated with Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and iCloud and lets you attach, open, forward, create, and download attachments. ClearSlide Mail is compatible with most popular email services like Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, Exchange, iCloud, and Outlook. Check out our review for more information.

  • Supports most popular email clients
  • Consolidate all of your email addresses and calendars and view from one place
  • Supports Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and iCloud
  • See if, when, and where an email was opened and if the attachment was viewed
  • Secure so your information is kept private

ClearSlide Mail app review: a must-have tool for sales people

AltaMail Go is another app that helps you empty out your email inbox. It allows you to utilize fast swipes to move emails into different folders and to bulk delete. The app supports most email clients and offers top network security. You will be able to see all new and unread emails across all your accounts, swipe to reply to messages and move emails into folders, bulk select and delete, and show an entire email thread with a single tap. There is an app password lock option, all emails are encrypted before storage, and all communications with the email server are secure.

  • Contact view shows entire email history with an individual
  • Save emails and attachments locally or in the cloud
  • Integrated with cloud servers for file attachment
  • Quickly respond to and delete emails to keep your inbox at zero messages
  • Create, delete, and rename email folders

Do you send a lot of group emails? If so, Mail 2 Group is easy and fast and just what you need. The app offers smart filters that allow you to sot contacts by upcoming birthdays, find the contacts you need, and filter contacts by job title and company. You can save your own contact groups, easily add attachments, and instantly send group emails. With a quick link to your email client and another tap, you may open a compose window and email your groups with ease. The app is also available in 15 different languages.

  • Easy and fast way to send group emails
  • Filter contacts by company and job title, birthday, and creation date
  • Quickly find the contacts you need
  • Save your own contact groups
  • Easily add attachments

MailShot is another group email app but this one offers a twist: you can share documents to groups directly from other apps! You can try MailShot for free with up to three groups, each with as many as five people in each group. If you want to be able to create more, up to 100 groups, you can upgrade to the full version. You can quickly add contacts from your address book, import an address book group, paste a string of names and addresses, use a checklist, or enter the address data manually. Contacts do not have to be stored in your address book in order for you to use them. Another bonus is that contacts may use different email addresses for different groups. For example, you can add a person's work email for work-related groups, or their personal email for hobby or sports groups.

  • Share documents to groups directly from other apps
  • The free version allows you to have three groups with up to five people in each group
  • The premium version allows you to have up to 100 groups
  • Multiple ways to fill the address fields
  • Contacts may use different email addresses for different groups

Gone are the days where you just simple log into your email account and check our mail. As you can see, this list of apps has many wonderful features and functions that make your email experience much more productive and enjoyable. This app adds your to-do lists to your email headquarters and makes things much more productive for you. Get your emails from all sorts of different sources, task management, receive push notifications, easy swipe functions to for email commands, customizable swipes, quickly clear your emails, powerful sort functions, reminders, watch lists, integrate with Evernote or your Calendar app, and so much more.

  • Check all of your email accounts in one spot
  • Adds a to-do list function, Improved task management
  • Push notifications, Set reminders
  • Easy touch controls, Customize your swipes
  • Integrate with other apps, Clear out email account quickly

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