If you love training horses, or want to learn more about this unique skill, then check out our list of the best iPhone and iPad apps for horse training. 



Horse Training Updates

Price: $0.99

What are the newest tricks you can teach your horse that will make the judges go “wow!”? Well, this app can be a good starter guide for it! Constantly updated with both the usual tricks and the new hotness which you can teach your horse, this app is a keeper! 



Horse Training - Beginners Guide To Becoming A Horse Trainer

Price: $0.99

You don’t need to know how a horse should think if you want to train them how to jump a barricade! But this app may be the closest thing you can have to it! Written mainly as a guide for burgeoning horse trainers, there’s a wealth of information contained in this app, like knowing what voice commands to use and how to even lead your horse!




Horse Riding Fitness- Horse Rider Performance

Price: $0.99

If you think what the horse jockeys do all day is to simply sit in their saddles, then you’re clearly underestimating them! It takes immense focus and concentration just to steer your horse in the right direction at full speed! This app, then, helps your in-house jockey to maintain their optimal performance with these very helpful instructional videos on which exercises a rider should do to stay ahead in the game!



My Dreaming Horse - A Horse Game for Girls and Kids

Price: Free

Remember the psychedelic laugh-trip that was Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack? Well, this app also functions in the same way, but without the irony! And since this one is for kids, it’s got everything which little girls love like flying white horses and rainbows and endless colorful vistas in the guise of an endless runner! If that doesn’t convince you to download this app, then nothing will!



The Horse Lover's Ultimate Horse Quiz

Price: $0.99

 This app tells you all you need to know about horses, in a Q&A-styled trivia game. Test your own knowledge on horses or challenge your friends to see who's the horse guru of the bunch.