The best horoscope apps for iPhone

Whether it’s for entertainment or because you truly believe in it, our list of the best horoscope apps has you covered. From daily readings and future forecasts to daily numbers and resources, this list of apps has everything you can need and more. Don’t wait another minute, check out our list of the best horoscope apps for the iPhone and start downloading today. 

21 Feb 2016, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a consultation with a professional astrologer? With Chaturanga Astrology it's like having that professional in your pocket. No matter if your question is strategic, general, specific, or direct, the app can help. All you have to do is provide your birth data and ask your question. This information gets forwarded to the experts on staff who will make a natal chart and provide you with the answer. You are allowed to ask anything you want! After the first free consultation, users may purchase consultations on an individual basis or buy them in packs.

  • Like having a professional astrologer in your pocket
  • First consultation is free
  • Buy individual consultations or packs
  • Ask any question you want
  • Easy to use

Want a feature-packed horoscope app? The AstroHoro gives you that, and more. With this app you'll be able to check on your personal and work relationships, find out what foods are right for you, and discover your money horoscope. You'll have access to daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope information and learn how to improve your relationships with friends, loved ones, relatives, and even your boss and co-workers. Check out how your sign interacts with others, to help you better understand those relationships. AstroHoro offers the ability to share your horoscope so others can read it and download it for themselves.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes
  • See what foods you should eat according to your sign
  • See your relationships with loved ones, relatives, friends, and your boss
  • See how your sign interacts with others
  • Share your horoscope with friends

This free horoscope and astrology app offers free daily horoscopes, tarot card readings, and love horoscopes. If you've always been interested in having your horoscope but never got around to having a real reading done, now is your chance to have access to insight into your life issues, whether they be about your career, love, or relationships. You'll learn about your current situation as well as your future, with sometimes funny but always insightful readings. You get to set your personal style preferences and you'll get daily information about the most compatible zodiac sign for each day.

  • Tarot card readings, daily horoscopes, and love horoscopes
  • Set your personal style preferences
  • Share your horoscope with your friends
  • Get daily outlooks for mood, energy, money, and love
  • Obtain your most compatible zodiac sign for each day

The iHoroscope app is meant to help its users start their day off right in order to deal with what may come. Real-time predictions offer daily advice on work, love, health, and success, all based on the date, time, and location of the user's birth. Features include free daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly personal horoscopes in addition to weekly information about what signs will be the most compatible with yours. This will help you avoid tension and drama in your day-to-day life! iPhone users will even have access to the new Live Chat Reading option where you can actually chat with live psychics.

  • Free daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes
  • Real-time predictions
  • Daily advice on work, love, health, and success
  • Uses your birth date, time, and place information for accurate readings
  • Live chat readings with psychics

Horoscope ® for iPad app review

Tired of reading what seems like regurgitated horoscopes? The DailyHoroscope is updated every day with over 50,000 downloads to date. It offers a plethora of features like daily Zodiac horoscopes, Chinese horoscopes for the last three years, Druid horoscope, the Zodiac horoscope for the last three years, and the ability to customize the appearance of the interface via both the font size and the colors. If you miss a day you can scroll back to see it, and you can also share and save your readings for future analysis. You'll never miss a daily horoscope again with this app on your iPhone!

  • Daily Zodiac, Chinese, and Druid horoscopes
  • Customize the color and the font size
  • Scroll back to view missed days
  • Share your readings
  • Save your readings for future reference

The DailyHoroscope app review

The Horoscopes app by is one of many horoscope apps available online, but it isn't like all the others. You'll have access to information on all zodiac signs and you can check out today's, tomorrow's, and yesterday's horoscopes. You'll get your daily “power numbers,” and information regarding love, money, work, wellness, and more. There is the option for in-app purchases but the main portion is completely free.  One nice feature is that you can share your horoscope directly to Facebook and Twitter, or share by email or text message if you r want to show your friends. Check out our review for more detailed information.

  • Today's, tomorrow's, and yesterday's horoscopes
  • Customized horoscopes for your region
  • Daily power numbers
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message
  • Daily predictions for love, creativity, money, work, and wellness

Horoscopes app review: catch up on your reading

Look into the future with the Horoscope and Tarot app to find out more about your professional, personal, and love life, all for free. You'll get access to daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes in addition to daily Tarot readings. The daily Tarot readings include advice regarding your love and career. There are also fun games like the Magic Love Ball and the Mood Ring. If you're into paid features, there are premium services like Ask an Astrologer, Yes/No Love Tarot, and Love Compatibility. The latest update has added the option to have three minutes of a free psychic reading from KEEN.

  • Free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope readings
  • Daily Tarot readings with advice about love and career
  • Learn about your professional, personal, and love life
  • Premium features like Ask an Astrologer and Yes/No Tarot
  • Fun free games

There isn't much information available on the iTunes Preview page for the Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes app, but download it and you will be pleased with the features. It offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes from the well-known British astrologer Jonathan Cainer, who also writes for the Daily Mail in addition to three Australian newspapers, among others. You will receive advice and information, “Thought for the Day,” and “About My Friend.” You can read yesterday's forecast if you missed it, and subscribe to listen to audio forecasts if you prefer to hear them rather than read them.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes
  • From the famous astrologer Jonathan Cainer
  • Yesterday's horoscope
  • Thought for the Day
  • About my Friend

Brainscape has put out its own horoscope app called Learn Astrology and the Zodiac. If you're totally in the dark when it comes to zodiac signs and astrology, then have no fear, this app is here to help! You'll be able to memorize the main signs, personality traits, and compatibility among signs using both the Chinese lunar and traditional horoscopic calendars. It uses a dynamic flashcard method to teach the information and you will be amazed at how quickly you learn. With more than 70 flashcards that uses a customized repetition algorithm to reduce memorization time, a convenient search function, a browse function, and ongoing feedback, you will soon be offering your friends and family members astrology advice like a pro!

  • Memorize the main signs, romantic compatibility among signs, and personality traits
  • Dynamic flashcard method
  • Over 70 flashcards
  • Customized repetition algorithm to enhance learning

The Yodha app is like having your very own personal astrologer to ask any questions that you can think off. Additionally, you get free daily and weekly horoscopes, special gifts, promotional bonuses, professional customer service and an easy to use app. Create a profile, ask a question and wait for your personal answer. Find your purpose in life, inquire about your love life, what does the future hold and so much more can be answered by your personal astrologer. Keep in mind that questions do cost a fee and they can be paid for through in-app purchases.

  • Your very own personal astrologer
  • An easy to use app, Free horoscopes
  • Receive gifts and bonuses
  • A simple process to create profile and ask questions
  • In-app purchases for asking questions

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