The best horoscope apps for iPad

Whether just for entertainment or because you actually believe the predictions, there are tons of iPad apps that offer your horoscope. You’ll get daily readings and future forecasts, resources and daily numbers. Don’t wait another day! Check out our list of the best horoscope apps for iPad.

29 May 2016, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

The DailyHoroscope is a popular horoscope app that offers many features like your daily Zodiac horoscope, your Chinese horoscope, Zodiac sign compatibility to find out if that person you just met is a potential match or disaster, your Zodiac horoscope for the whole year, and more. If you miss a day you can scroll back to read it, unlike some apps. You can also choose font size and your favorite colors in the Settings section. Like a certain reading or think it’s eerily accurate? You can save and share them.

  • Daily Zodiac horoscope 
  • Chinese horoscope for the year
  • Zodiac horoscope for the year
  • Scroll back a day if you miss it
  • Free horoscope app for iPad

The DailyHoroscope app review

The Horoscope ® app promises to help you start your day off right . Use it to help you manage different life situations and find out what your future has in store for you with its predictions on work, success, love, health, and more. Every week you will find out what signs will be most compatible with yours. You will have access to your horoscope for Today, tomorrow, the Week, the Month, and the Year. The predictions are written by professional astrologists, so you can rest assured knowing they are going to be accurate and real.

  • Work out your love compatibility
  • Access your own astrological profile
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes
  • Real-time predictions
  • Free with in-app purchases

Horoscope ® for iPad app review

Free Horoscope ® offers you your daily horoscope as well as for tomorrow and the day after, every day. You can also read your monthly and seasonal horoscopes as well as your annual horoscope for this year and next. You have access to your star sign profile, your Zodiac element profile, and free Tarot readings, too. The iPad version has astrological articles for you to read and enjoy, as well. This one focuses on your love life, work, mood, and finances, so if those are areas of interest, this is the app to check out.

  • Daily, monthly, yearly, seasonal horoscopes
  • Star sign profile
  • Free Tarot readings
  • Articles just for iPad
  • Free horoscope apps for iPad

Free Horoscope app review: providing your daily personal horoscope with tarot readings

The AstroHoro app allows you to check in on your daily horoscope to see your your love, career, and friendships are going, or look more long-term and see your weekly, monthly, and weekend horoscopes. Want to make Fridays even more special? Check out the Friday of Love section. You can look to see how much money you can earn based on your sign, see what foods you should eat and avoid, and what you should to do make or keep things right with your boss. You can also see how your sign will get along with others.

  • Check in on your daily horoscope
  • Check the status of your love, career, and friendships
  • Friday of Love
  • See what foods are good for your sign
  • Free horoscope app for iPad

Full horoscope will have you checking in to find out your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope. You also get your Zodiac description included for free. Want to find out about your dog or cat’s horoscope? You totally can! There are 25 different types of horoscopes available here like daily Astroslam, weekly romantic, weekly business, and more. You have the choice of several different themes, you’ll get a notification every day when your horoscope is ready to view, and there’s a Notification Center widget as well.

  • Incredible selection of horoscopes
  • Daily push notifications
  • Notification Center widget
  • Over 25 different horoscopes
  • Free with in-app purchases

My Horoscope Free is, as the name indicates, a totally free daily horoscopeThe information is prepared by an astrology expert who has more than 16 years of experience. You can see your horoscopes for the next seven days, all the signs and their three decants, and your yearly horoscope. You can share your horoscope to Twitter or Facebook, or over SMS or email. The content doesn’t get downloaded every time you launch the app, just when it needs to. Updates happen in real time so everything is up-to-date, and you can add horoscope friends to your favorites list.

  • Optimized interface 
  • See your horoscope for the next seven days
  • Share your horoscope to social media, by text, or by email
  • See daily or yearly horoscopes
  • Free horoscope app for iPad

Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot is the app to go to get your daily horoscopes, Tarot card readings, and love horoscope. You’ll gain some insights to your career, love, and romance holds in store for you based on your sign. Find out what the Tarot cards say about your future influences and current situation. You can set your personal style preferences and your daily outlook for mood, energy, money, and love. The app shows horoscopes for all zodiac signs, and you can dee your most compatible Zodiac sign for the day. 

  • High degree of accuracy
  • Tarot card readings
  • Set your personal style preferences
  • See your most compatible Zodiac sign for the day
  • Free iPad horoscope app

The Yodha app offers you a daily horoscope prepared by authentic Vedic astrologers from Nepal. You don’t have to take the time to place a call or make a visit; just check the app and ask them whatever you want. You get immediate access to your personal astrologer, free horoscopes and predictions for special events, and high-quality customer service. It’s easy to use: just create a profile with your birth details, ask a question, and an astrologer will read your birth chart and make a prediction.You’ll get a personal answer based on what the astrologer sees.

  • Immediate access to your personal astrologer
  • Special gifts and promotional bonuses
  • See your purpose in life
  • Ask about your daily life or a decision to make
  • Free with in-app purchase

Zodiac Star Signs will tell you what the stars are saying today. Every horoscope gets updated daily by professional astrologers so you will find out daily predictions for your money, love, health, and career. Read your daily or weekly predictions, and find out what’s in store for your regarding your intellect, fitness, love, wellness, emotions, creativity, work, intuition, money, and more. Like what you read? Share your horoscope on Facebook. See the horoscopes for all 12 Zodiac signs if you’re curious, or if you want to look up predictions for your loved ones and friends. 

  • Horoscopes are updated daily
  • Developed by professional astrologers
  • Daily and weekly horoscopes
  • Share your horoscope on Facebook
  • Free horoscope app for iPad

The Astrology app gives you accurate forecasts every day in areas of health, love, money, wishes, career, and more. There’s a psychology Tarot reading option, and you can see the daily horoscopes for all 12 Zodiac signs. See today’s compatibility signs forecast and Today’s Lucky Numbers if you want to play the lottery. You can also check out the yearly 2016 horoscope for a yearly overview. You also have access to your astrology profile showing which planet is ruling, where your strengths are, and where your weaknesses lie. 

  • Compatibility signs
  • Accurate forecasts every day
  • Daily, monthly, yearly horoscopes
  • Access to all 12 Zodiac horoscopes
  • Free horoscope apps for iPad

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