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Xebra Pro

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Xebra™ Pro is designed for the serious student and practitioner of clinical medicine. It will give you nothing less than the equivalent of a team of specialists in the palm of your hand. Yes, we’re serious. It will also give you a genius professor of medicine who's always on standby to improve your critical thinking in general and your clinical acumen in particular.

Xebra Pro is the most advanced clinical decision support engine for differential diagnosis in the world, and it proudly offers the world’s ONLY workup strategy guide. Xebra Pro the next generation of clinical decision support and symptom checker apps: it combines a machine’s processing power with a clinician's intuition -- and adds the wisdom of an expert crowd. Here’s why you need it now:

Why Xebra™ Pro is Unique:

• CLINICIAN-MIMICKING DDx: Instantly arrive at a high-confidence differential diagnosis of an *unlimited number* of symptoms and all their qualifiers, and any number or combination of physical signs and lab results. But of course you won’t want to just believe us – try it yourself!

• SMART WORKUP: Instantly get a comprehensive workup strategy that gives you a serious plan for what to do next:
o what other symptoms (and qualifiers) to ask about
o what physical exams to conduct
o what labs and tests are most appropriate and useful to order (and, by what Xebra leaves out, which are likely not)

• WORLDWIDE EXPERT CROWD-SOURCING: Provide feedback (“Contributions”) on any suboptimal answers you ever find. We will quickly integrate them into the algorithm to make your expertise available to every clinician everywhere, for all time! That will ensure the same suboptimal result never happens again on the same inputs, to anyone. And you’ll get credit!


Our mission is to empower clinicians and their patients and caregivers, and to reduce waste and avoidable human suffering. We’re well on our way to fulfilling that mission, but it can get even bigger, with your help.

Xebra’s Contribution function is unique in medicine. It allows clinicians the world over to collaborate *and vote* on any combination of symptoms, signs, labs and other real inputs. That means you and your dedicated colleagues everywhere can:

• Share best practices with clinicians around the world
• Improve an already powerful algorithm with your passion and expertise
• Help to save lives and reduce suffering all over the world


• | MEDICAL AND NURSING STUDENTS | who want to learn faster, become better more confident clinicians, be more marketable, and provide the best possible care to their future patients

o increase diagnostic accuracy – and confidence!
o perform at the level of much more experienced clinicians
o increase speed to diagnosis and appropriate diagnostic codes
o greatly reduce the chances of failing to ask patients the right questions, take the right physical signs, and order the most appropriate labs
o significantly reduce costs associated with ordering inappropriate labs and tests, misdirected referrals to specialists, and inappropriate treatments


“Wow, this thing is better than me!” Chief Medical Officer, major urban hospital, 32 years of clinical experience.

“This is exactly what we need!” Chief Medical Officer, health system

“You guys had the most exciting technology I’ve seen.” MD, medical school professor, medical scholar

NOTE: This app does not provide a final, definitive diagnosis. It produces a list of possible causes related to the symptoms, signs, and lab results input by a user. It is the lay user’s responsibility to seek professional medical guidance before taking or refraining from taking any action inspired by the app’s results, and it is the medical professional’s responsibility to bring his or her own judgment to bear on the possible causes and workup suggestions provided.