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NOACCCS Compliance and Comfort Service

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• What is the NOACCCS App? The NOACCCS App is a tool to support patients who are using a NOAC, which stands for New Oral Anti-Coagulant. A NOAC reduces the blood clotting mechanisms of the body and is prescribed to patients with an elevated tendency to the formation of blood clots (or thrombosis). There are currently 4 NOAC’s available: Eliquis (or apixaban), Lixiana (or edoxaban), Pradaxa (or dabigatran) and Xarelto (or rivaroxaban). The NOACCCS App comes as part of an integral service package, also involving a 24/7 Servicedesk. A NOAC is a serious pharmaceutical product, that must be used in the proper way. NOACCCS stands for NOAC Compliance & Comfort Service and is designed and developed to give the NOAC user all the support to ensure that proper usage. The NOACCCS App has been developed by Evina Health Solutions in close cooperation with Preventive Medical Care. • How does the NOACCCS App support you? If you are using a NOAC, the NOACCCS App supports you in the following ways: 1. It reminds you of your medication. 2. It reminds you of your lab and doctor appointments. 3. It provides e-learning about coagulation, thrombosis, treatment and NOAC’s. 4. It gives you access to a large Question & Answer library with animation video’s. 5. It provides you with a regular questionnaire evaluating your medical condition and comfort. 6. It has an in-built e-mail facility with directly communicate with the Servicedesk. 7. It provides you with a regular newsletter. 8. It has a comprehensive notification section, informing you of everything new. • Why should you utilize the NOACCCS App? A NOAC is a product that reduces the blood clotting activity of the body. The doctor has prescribed this treatment as your risk to develop blood clots (or thrombosis) is elevated. Thrombosis has dangerous complications, such as stroke, heart attack, dementia. NOAC’s are very effective to reduce the risk of thrombosis. Therefore it is very important to not forget taking your NOAC. On the other hand, the use of a NOAC has the risk that - if the effect of the NOAC is too strong, it may cause bleedings. The goal of the treatment with a NOAC is to reduce blood clotting activity without overshooting. Good compliance to the treatment and an effective support system are the best ways to reach the treatment goal. It is here where NOACCCS brings its contribution. • For free access you require an access code. To use the NOACCCS App you need an access code. In most cases these access codes are distributed by your doctor or pharmacist. In case of questions, please send an e-mail to