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The Rapid Recovery Programme

The Rapid Recovery Programme has been designed to optimise all aspects of a patient's journey from pre-operative assessment thought to and beyond discharge.
The aim of the programme is to enable a quick yet safe recovery from a hip or knee replacement operation.

Reduced hospital stays improve patient satisfaction and aiming for a timely discharge promotes excellent team communication for professionals. With everyone involved in the process working towards a common goal, the patient is headed for a "rapid recovery".

There are four main elements of the Rapid Recovery programme:

Process Optimisation:
Standardising protocols and pathway ensures everyone knows what to expect and when to expect it. Patients are fully educated and informed, and the date of discharge is carefully planned beforehand. This enables early mobilisation and faster recovery.

Clinical Enhancements:
Evidence and practice based recommendations on surgical approaches and pain management that lead to better-quality procedures and improved clinical outcomes. Supported by our independent Rapid Recovery Advisory Board.

Data Collection:
Data collection on patient demographics & characteristics, patient satisfaction, functional recovery and re-admissions.

Communications Toolkit:
Easy to use resource to provide pro-active positive news about the Rapid Recovery program. Includes printable resources and templates for PR materials.

The Ideal Pathway

- The patient receives clear and comprehensive information prior to admission, optimally preparing them for surgery.
- Joint replacement patients are grouped together.
- Patients are mobilised the day of surgery. Patients remain in their own clothes all day, in a comfortable chair in a living room, with no bed rest during the day.
- Patients are motivated through group therapy and 'coaching' by a family member or close friend.
- Physiotherapy and exercises are taught pre-operatively and are executed post-operatively in a group.
- All care protocols standardised with the objective of discharging patients on an agreed postoperative day.
- A standardised discharge or rehabilitation is organised before admission to the hospital.

The Rapid Recovery Program provides knowledge and guidelines for the development of the protocols and materials to support the hospital staff as well as patient education.

The Rapid Recovery Coordinator guides the team throughout the whole process, adapts the programme according to the hospital's needs and assists during its implementation.

The Rapid Recovery Program does not replace any medical advice and does not assume any liability for the execution of the joint replacement surgery or the performance of the Rapid Recovery Program by the hospital staff or by others.

Rapid Recovery is a program of-
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