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Electronic checklist for A340 normal procedures.
xListA340 is a non profit personal project to show how checklists should be. I started developing xList years ago, when training simulator for initial type ratings. I realized then it is a powerful tool plenty of future and possibilities.
Checklists are used to check that all necessaries tasks are accomplished for the correspondent flight phase.
Tapping over the checklist header, its name is readen aloud by the iPad and a register with the time and position is recorded.
Tap over the next item to checkmark and dimm it gray. Only sequential order is permitted.
When any checklist is completed, is announced aloud by the iPad, a register with the time and position is recorded, the list is collapsed, its header turns gray and the next list is scrolled at top position.
Checklist maintain frozen state when interrupted, even if the App is sent to background or Ipad is turned off.
Provides assistance with 3 additional views: Attention Crews, Utilities and Normal Procedures. Those three text documents are stored in the company servers and can be easily updated by OPS as many times as needed at no cost and downloaded by the user when desired.
Powerful Attention Crews document, allows web links, image, audio, video and all kind of web content.
Designed for iPad landscape and portrait orientation.
Simple, easy, optimized... ERROR AVOIDANCE. The best to fix the company standards.
Checklist state clearly visible through color coding.
Big labels making easy tap during worst turbulence circumstamces.
Colors adapted to night environment minor disturbance.
Designed and created by pilots for pilots.
Easy tailored to different company procedures and different fleet.
Can fit to very different worlds, not aviation exclusive.