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Scary Music Ringtones – Collection of Best Horror Call and Text Sounds for iPhone

iPhone / iPad
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Are you tired of regular ringtones? Do you need something more exciting and adventurous? Well, you came to the right place. Here, in our collection of horror sounds, you can browse from many tones and pick the scariest one! Scary Music Ringtones are here for all the daredevils who want to match their personality with smartphones! If you are brave enough, go ahead and download this collection of creepy music and choose the perfect call sound! You can also set these screaming noises as your text sound! You will enter the creepy adventure with our melodies so prepare for a horror your around haunted mansions, scary forests and old basements!

****** Get properly scared with the best ringtones ********

* Pick text or call sounds from the chilling melodies!
* Browse through many options and experiment with our tones!
* Listen to the preview or set the tune for your ringtone
* Scroll down the list and listen to your favorite horror tones!
* Block the adds by getting our inapps!

****** Pick from different types of spooky sounds *******

Work on you courage and try not to get scared! But, if you think that spooky children laughter won't frighten you, you are wrong! You will get goosebumps just by thinking about it! Or, if you are brave enough to stand the evil laugh, you will definitely tremble with fear when you hear ghost sounds! Shrieks and haunted manor creaky doors will try to spook you, but if you stand your ground, you will pass the creepy test! Once you do, make sure you put one of the screaming sounds as your ringtone!

****** Show your best friends your collection of horror music *****

Scary pranks are the thing of the past! Download these ringtones and find a new way to scare your friends! When your device starts ringing with the vampire noises and screams, all your friends will jump out of their shoes with fear! Just press the preview button and let your friends hear the distant but overwhelming wolf howling sound! They will either get scared, or download the same playlist! Your music themes with an edge will be a new trend among your friends, so get them now and start an adventure! You don't need to depend on horror movies for some excitement anymore! These top sound effects will make you tremble, but you will still love them!

***** Our witch screams will scare even the bravest ******

Who knew that spooky sounds could be so much fun? If you don't believe us, download these cool ringtones and check them out! Scary Music Ringtones are inspired by thrill-seekers who look for more than just regular call and text tones! These sounds will give you the daily those of adrenaline and they will sure make you braver! So, show how tough you are and get our tunes,completely free of charge! And if you want to browse through our playlist without being disturbed, get the inapps and block all the adds!