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ReChannel have developed the Offline Ordering App that allows sales reps to take wholesale orders offline. Our Offline Ordering App makes writing sales orders much easier when on the move or at trade shows… and best of all it’s all synced with your stock system.

So how does it help?

1. Time saved from manual order entry

With ReChannel’s Offline Ordering App, you can take orders at tradeshow or showrooms where there is no Internet at all. Your orders will automatically synchronise when you’re near WiFi again; your buyers will then receive an e-mail, confirming the order with an Excel & PDF copy of the order as well as a link to the order on you can spend more time selling, and much less time on admin.

2. Quicker confirmations of wholesale orders (and less margin for error)

ReChannel’s Offline Ordering App enables you and the buyer to begin the ordering process on the same page; you can collaborate on the same order on ReChannel, meaning much less frustration, fewer errors and more time saved. And when the buyer is happy to confirm the order, and you are happy with it too, the order will be pushed automatically into your stock system, with an order confirmation automatically sent to your buyer (and sales agent if relevant) - we make wholesale orders easy for your sales reps.

3. More elegant presentation of products (and your brand)

With ReChannel’s Offline Ordering App, you can save $1,000s per year on print and design costs…with just your iPad and you can also travel much more lightly. If you do need to print off paper linesheets, you can also customise printable product catalogues from ReChannel, using all the data you already have from your stock systems…so you can spend more time preparing for your busy few days on the road.

To use ReChannel’s Offline Ordering App, an existing ReChannel account is required - to find out more, please contact: