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SemanTer Free - Intelligent text summarizer

iPhone / iPad
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SemanTer is a mobile text summarizer, which enables any person to get summaries by compressing any text and preserving essentials. In a way it works like a human brain - after reading some article you don't memorize all words and phrases but you remember main facts and ideas. SemanTer does exactly the same but instantly.

Quality of resulting summaries is noticeably higher than our competitors - SemanTer implements strict math approaches, including semantic compression and Artificial Intelligence.
Moreover, SemanTer gives you summaries akin to professional ones created manually.

And all of this is given to you in just three simple steps.

So, by using SemanTer you can save huge amount of time and go directly to essentials of the text without reading a whole article.

Besides, you can adjust summary size - how big output text will be in % of original text.

Now SemanTer is ready to create summaries in 4 languages: English, Russian, German and French. We’re working to bring you more.

Where you can use SemanTer?

- To get high-quality summary for any text in a second using your handheld device.
- In preparation to tests or exams - when you have to read lots of books, articles, documentation, etc. in a limited amount of time to meet your ETAs
- Reading news - you've found a news article which looks like interesting but big and you'd like to know beforehand does it worth reading or not
- Part of your job is to read lots of reports, feedbacks, etc. from your employee on a daily basis and you'd like to stop spending much time on it

Two-layered application:

- Start your work with SemanTer on a basic layer immediately after installation and get summary in a simple and predictive way
- If you want to have more control on summary creation process - switch to advanced layer. You can adjust summary size, set default search engine and article language

Finally, SemanTer gives you an opportunity to get way more information in the same amount of time or vice versa - spend way less time to get the same amount of information.

In our humble opinion SemanTer can revolutionize our lives like a phone - you don't have to waste much time walking to a person and talk - you can just dial, so with SemanTer you don't have to read whole text to get the meaning of it - just use SemanTer.