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Prison Escape Sniper Mission 3D

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Action
  • Simulation
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Prison escape Sniper Mission is an action packed adventure game that involves prison escape with the help of a sniper shooter with precision shooting skills. It’s hard time staying in prison for a crime somebody else committed. Some criminal inmates jail breaker has told an epic story about their escape from prison. Plan a plot to run away without getting caught by trained German shepherd sniff dog & shot by fierce sniper police guards & armed cops. Get ready to dodge jail warden, kill police cops, sneak away from sniff dog, escape sniper counter attacks & shoot police crew to run away from this torturing hell in Prison Escape Sniper Mission. The professional inmate sniper shooter will defend you but you can also make use of a baseball bat or grab a rod or any attacking tool against security police officer & dog to defend yourself by hitting police men & jail crew hard on their head & body. Get an insight of positioning of wardens, sniff dog & police cops while planning a plot of crazy jail break. Your chance of survival depends upon your wisdom, precision sniper shots & careful planning of a prison breakout. Put on your extreme stealth mode to sneak out of prison with the help of your professional sniper shooter cell inmates and gang members in this amazing prison break game. Murder the police cops, kill the jail officer, shoot the trained sniper, target the German shepherd sniff dog and aim the scope on soldiers who try to stop you. Practice your gun shot and shooting skills to shoot the police security guards with perfect headshots. Play the challenging role of a prisoner escaping the prison without getting noticed of any suspicious activity. Don’t let the officer chase, track and catch you. Shoot to kill and run away!

You have been sentenced for lifetime imprisonment for the crime you have not committed but only have been suspicious for. You can never prove yourself right until this punishment is over. Manage escaping from the prison security, jail police officer and sniff dog even if you have to bribe the security guards. There has been a security squad appointed on duty to track a jail break or bomb alert. The squad includes a bomb disposal officer, trained German Shepherd sniff dog and special commandos task force men. Only the lockdown prisoners, professional sniper shooter thugs and your cellmates robbers can help you in this notorious crime, the prison break act. Walk in dark shadows to avoid getting caught by sniper gun shot or laser camera. Dodge police dogs and sniper cops while breaking out. A transporter truck is ready outside the jail to transport you to a safe passage. You just have to get the cell keys with the help of thugs to escape. Sneaking in the corridors for escaping is very tough as the guards and wardens are continuously patrolling in jail and ready to pull the trigger. The security is on high alert. Sharp sniper shooters are alert all the time. A safer escape has become even tougher due to this modern technology. You have to fight really hard for your freedom that you deserve. Get rid of this torturing imprisonment. Find out the tools hidden in the jail that might help you in fighting with the aggressive cops and guards. Execute the prison escape crime mission rigorously. An epic prison escape adventure with sniper gun shot. Play the role of a prisoner & get help from professional sniper shooter prisoners. Shoot, Escape & run away in this chase game!

Prison Escape Sniper Mission features:
√ Amazing 3D Prison Environment
√ Multiple gameplay challenging prisoner escape missions including gun shot & sniper gun
√ Real Thrill of Escaping the Prison guards and chase dog game
√ Thrill of Playing the Role of a Criminal prisoner
√ A Complete Prison Escape Story to Accomplish
√ Action packed challenging prison break missions
√ Realistic jail environment with prisoners, snipers, machine guns, police, chase dogs
√ Super fast & smooth controls of fire gun shot
√ Escape gun shot
√ Excellent shooting sounds