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ThermoChef - Recipes for your Bimby

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If you love discovering and cooking recipes for your Bimby ThermoMix from many sources then ThermoChef is the app for you. While most cooking apps promote their own flashy food photography, instant “meal ideas,” and social connections, ThermoChef is the most useful for real-life regular cooking. It allows you to find and read recipes you want.

If your AppleTV and your Kitchen is where you do almost all your recipe browsing and it’s what you prop up in the kitchen as a digital cookbook, you should consider ThermoChef.

ThermoChef is the best at offering recipes from your preferences and habitat and offers the best combination of grocery lists, menu planning and cooking-focused recipe views.

ThermoChef recipes are updated daily to offer you an alway up-to-date cooking experience...bon appetit!