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Memorization Techniques, Tips & Tricks

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Learn how to memorize quickly and efficiently with our proven scientific tricks.

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This app is suitable for Students, professionals and Politicians, it is also recommended for lecturers and teachers.

What's Memory:

Memory is the brains way of integrating sensory-motor information into a symbolic representation that allows prediction of future occurrences. This is the evolutionary basis for memory. When trying to commit information to memory, it is important to engage with the material in a fashion that complements how your brain naturally performs this task.

This app teaches you how to memorize quickly and efficiently with our scientific tips, tricks and techniques.

The world is not a two dimensional plane. The brain evolved to remember material that is living, active, colourful, vivid, and engaging. It is no wonder so many people find such a hard time trying to remember the names and sequence of complicated processes that are described abstractly in a book: there is no life to it!

To make the task of learning simpler and more interesting, there are memorization techniques that can be employed. Arguably, the most effective and time-tested technique is the Roman Room (many rooms become a Memory Palace when practised regularly). The idea is very simple, yet powerful. This is the sort of exercise that you need to experience to appreciate. The first five techniques will be what the Roman Room is built on. Master them all and you will be surprised at the results.
1. – Connect & Link (The Link Method)

As the name suggests, this memorization technique involves creating associations between items in a list and assigning images to each connection to help you memorize better. For instance, your accounting exam is tomorrow and you need to memorize which items fall under the Current Asset section of a balance sheet (Cash, Inventories, Accounts receivable, Prepaid expenses).

You can create associations as below:

I currently don’t have any cash to buy any inventory
To buy the inventory, I shall collect my “accounts receivable” that my friends owe me
If I collect the accounts receivable, it should be enough because I already have prepaid expenses from last year to count towards the purchase

2. – Make a Story (The Story Method)

This approach is really similar to the Link Method. While you create a bunch of different images between each two items using the Link Method, you combine everything into one big picture with the Story Method. This technique helps you memorize the sequence of the images and hence the order of the items. Using the accounting example, it would look like this:

I currently don’t have any cash to buy any inventory. Maybe I should collect my “accounts receivable” that my friends owe me. After I get my money back, it should be enough because I already have prepaid expenses from last year to count towards the purchase.
3. – Associate Objects with Familiar Locations (The Loci Method).

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