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Feedback Audit

  • Education
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Peer observation is a proven strategy for increasing your effectiveness as a teacher. Research has shown that focused, specific, data-rich feedback and collegial conversations lead to real improvement in practice.

Each App in this suite is designed to give teachers feedback on one element of their practice. By inviting a colleague to observe your use of feedback to students, you'll be able to optimise the feedback you give.

Feedback Audit: Dot chart survey

What this App measures
This App measures the number of times in a defined period that the teacher provides feedback to a student about the task they are undertaking or provides feedback to the student about the process of learning.

Why that matters
Research by Hattie and Timperley shows that student learning is improved when teachers vary the type of feedback they give to students and when they give focused feedback. See more on the video.

What you need to know to use this App effectively
Knowing the different levels of feedback and typical feedback comments will be helpful.
• Task Feedback e.g. Could you add extra detail here?
• Process Feedback e.g. What should you do differently next time?
Tap on the Task or Process button each time a colleague uses that type of feedback.

What does the data show
The completed data will provide a ratio of the number of times the teacher provided task feedback to the number of times they provided feedback on the process of learning. This provides a ‘ready-reckoner’ on what the students are hearing from the teacher.

How the data can be used in teacher coaching
Teachers tend to focus on feedback about the task and feedback about the student and rarely give feedback about the process of learning. With data on the type of feedback a teacher uses, a discussion can be conducted about varying their feedback responses. See more on the video.