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The Perfect Pomodoro

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
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This app is designed as a classic pomodoro.

The “strict” version follows the pomodoro technique in the strictest sense possible with an app.

The “slack” version allows:
* each break to be set to zero minutes if that is the wish of the user
* the pomodoro to be restarted from where it was stopped

The time intervals are in minutes. It is not possible to select more than sixty minutes per time interval.

NOTE: Pomodoros timers repeat endlessly. The timer will follow this cycle:
a) work period followed by short break
b) work period followed by short break
c) work period followed by short break
d) work period followed by short break
e) work period followed by long break

Once the cycle is complete, the cycle will start again.

1. The Perfect Pomodoro does not run in the background. Do not attempt to run The Perfect Pomodoro’s timer in background mode. You will be disappointed.
2. This App is designed to never turn off (when the timer is switched on). It is recommended that your device is plugged in when you are running this App.