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This addictive, fun, and kid-friendly game is the first of it's kind. Swerve from left to right as you dodge walls that get in your way. Collect coins, buy special power-ups, and personalize the colors to fit your needs as you play the game you will never stop playing! Download Today!


"I got hooked on this game the first time I played it. Unbelievably fun and addicting. Best game I have ever played. No kidding. If you don't have it get it and trust me you will never ever regret it" - Anonymous

"Man, was this game frustrating. A great combination of quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination, Swervy is an awesome game to play when you're bored or trying to pass the time, and the gameplay is unique and unlike any other game I've played before. The creator of this game obviously took a page out of FTL, making you restart from the beginning after every attempt, giving it a Flappy Bird level of frustration. I guess that's what he (or she) intended though - it's got me hooked." - Anonymous

"Rage quitted at the first try. Really hard and just like Flappy Bird!" - Eric R.

"First thought was: must be like Temple Run. How wrong I was. If anything it is the insanely harder version of Temple Run but much, much better. Definitely recommend and be warned: You Will Rage!" - Anonymous