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Numeræ is a graphical environment for studying and calculating operations with integers.

Discover the endless possibilities offered by Numerae.

A different and fun way to work with numbers and operations.

Moves across the screen numbers, containers and operations, see in real time what occurs when changing a simple number.

Numeræ performs the following calculations:

Base changes.
Calculating with large integers.
Two's complement or generic base's complement.
Excess K representation.
BCD packed representation.
Gray code representation.
Calculating the sum in any base.
Calculating the minimum range in any number base, any encoding and any size.
Calculating the maximum range in any number base, any encoding and any size.
Rotate right and left digit in any base.
The Hamming distance.

Numeræ allows thousands combinations, investigate and learn by simply moving your finger across the screen.
Save your work to continue later.