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Meeting Calculator by MeetMarket

iPhone / iPad
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Keep track of how you’re spending your time, literally, with the Meeting Calculator by MeetMarket.

Just add the number of attendees (#), choose an estimated hourly rate ($), press the giant red button, and BOOM... you're on the clock! Once the meeting is over, you can export the meeting info as a screenshot to save or share the estimated cost ($) and time spent.
To keep things easy, you can also save your regularly scheduled and reoccurring meetings.

Show the Tardy Tommys that time = money. Start the calculator when the meeting starts, and show them how much their tardiness has cost!
- "Hey Tommy, we waited 11 minutes for you... that's $87.13.... and while we were waiting, we took a group vote, you're buying lunch"

Track the time and cost of your daily ‘Stop and Chats’ or the classic Monday morning ‘How was your weekend?’ chats.
- "Happy Monday to you Frank. Yes, we went to the river... I'm pretty sure you liked like 6 of my facebook photos, so... you already knew that. Yeah, I can tell you about it – but that will take 6 minutes, or $11.67”

About MeetMarket

MeetMarket is building a set of tools to help you, your team, and your company - meet better.

It's estimated that the average employee is in 62 meetings a month - and only 50% of those meetings are considered valuable.

The other 50%... is wasted.

According to some fuzzy math in an article, $37 billion dollars is *spent* each year in unproductive meetings.

Stay tuned @ as we build more tools to better track and optimize one of the world's most expensive habits, meetings.