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Maps, Navigation & Directions

iPhone / iPad
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Local Map is best app in its categories and designed in simpler way to help you to search your “local Places” in most easiest way.

Local Map has all the features which user need while traveling or searching a “local Places” around you.
“LOCAL MAP” gives best result to users in most of scenario.
“LOCAL MAP” provides you all the data you required on your single click which are mentioned below:
Find nearby "atm","bank”, “doctor"," bars"," restaurants", "gas stations”, “Holy places”, “Shopping mall" etc. with a single tap using LOCAL MAP.

"LOCAL MAP" consist of different pages that have several feature combined together to provide great user experience.
With the help of this app you can search all “local Places” around you and also places where you can’t reach.
Type and Search any coordinate across the world.
Search any Local Map and can set it as your temporary current location. After that you can search “local Places” around it and explore that locations.
Save any "Local Places" to have offline view of that places.
LOCAL MAP help you find nearby location with greater accuracy.
Explore the app to know its feature in details.

Some of best features are:

• Category wise Local Map search and if you are not satisfied you can search anything and point it on map.
• Search your Favorite "Local Map " and explore the attraction around it with pointing on map.
• You can find your Local Map coordinate and location as well as any coordinate on map.
• View Map in Hybrid and satellite view on Local Map.
• List view as well as Map with marker for your searched categories on Local Map .
• Search any categories on map if it’s not listed.
• Select any location on map will highlight list view with "tick” mark.
• Type and search Local Map places and check out all cool Local Map places around it.
• Improved efficiency for searching places for better result.
• New Tab Search added to manually search any location.
• Set this as you current location for this session and can explore Local Map places around it.
• Satellite and hybrid map view enabled.
• Favourite tab will hold you categories you want to save separate and access frequently.
• Simple Navigation feature.
• Easy to find Local Map Places based on category.
• Three tabs are provide so quick access your Favorite category.
• Next page on List view of location gives you brief idea of distance not accurate give A to B displacement.
• The map view gives feel of popular messaging app

The place search is easier and faster with this best traveling app Local Map.

Best tool to carry during travel ling .Explore this app and give you feedback.