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Mosaic - Discover best photos over the world.

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Photo & Video
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▶▶▶Find out the most gorgeous photo with the most elegant attitude!

Mosaic is an unique scrollable infinite photo wall App which allows users to enjoy photos from 500px, Flickr and local album randomly. Except for photos, almost all the other functions are controlled by fastest gestures. In this way, users could appreciate photos much more freely and purely in spite of all the interferences.


▶ Any direcition, infinite scrollable photo wall
Mosaic Photo Viewer’s main feature is its browser and tile-based image scroller. Distinguished from other photo viewers, it does not limit the direction of scroller. You could drag at any direction you prefer and the latest photos would display dynamically and randomly.

▶ 500px, flickr hi-res version photos
You could just open this App, tap one from the randomly loaded photo wall to take a look. When you zoom in the selected one, the background of this App would load high-res version automatically at the same time. When the loading is finished, the details of a magnifying photo would be subtler.

▶ Long press to show shooting parameters of photo
Long press on a photo would call out the detailed information of a photo, including description, its photographer, scores, and especially, the shooting parameters(Exif info), which interest shutterbugs most. With the sharing feature within screen, you could save the photo to your local album or share it to SNS.

▶ many categories/tags , and free text/tag search
You could long press on any place of the photo wall to show the plentiful category options of its source. Via this feature, you could view your interesting photos with category selections. You may wonder what if there is no category which I would like to see. Never mind! Drag down the menu and you will see a searching menu. You will find the photos you want by free texts or tags search.

▶ Awesome zero-tap menu system
Here comes a question. If I want to choose different photo sources, what should I do? This refers to another distinguished feature – Zero-Tap menu.
It is a concealed menu system. Only when you swipe in at the edges of the screen, the menu would show up and you could switch to the one you need. Frankly, it is very hard to describe this feature by words. The best way is to experience it by yourself. And you will find how convenient and fast it is.

Hope you enjoy it!

Common Operations Guide:

1. Main menu system
Swipe in at the edges of the screen to call out the display. For those people who use this App for the first time, the balloon for calling out menus is shown initially. You could conceal it by the relevant options of menu settings. Thus, you could get a pure photo wall without any distraction.

2. Context menu of galleries
If a photo is from 500px or Flickr, it will have a context menu. This function could be called out by long press on any place of the photo wall.

3. Photo search
Mosaic allows users to search a photo by texts and tags. First, you call out the context menu. Then, you drag down and the searching menu would appear. Tap on the blank area of the screen, you could switch between texts and tags. If you want to exit, you just need to swipe a gesture on the blank area.

4. Photos view
Tap the tile easily could let you view the photo. The loading of high-res photo would process simultaneously when you look at a photo. The progress bar is in the bottom of a photo.

5. Photo details check
When you are viewing a photo, you could long press on it to check the relevant story and shooting parameters of it. And the sharing button would allow you to save it to your local album or share it to SNS.