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The CRM that does it easy.

On Google's infrastructure
All its power within reach

'Arewedoing uses the same servers as your favorite Google applications, but never give or shall we give any data to Google, our customers’ privacy comes first.

With 'Arewedoing, all the power of Google is at your fingertips, while protecting your and your customers privacy.

Fully scalable
And furthermore, 'Arewedoing does not rest

Thanks to its infrastructure, 'Arewedoing never sleeps. Rest assured that your data is always available. Anytime, anywhere.

And no matter how many customers you have, 'Arewedoing always maintains a highly stable performance. Remember, without an increase in price.

Easy to use

In 'Arewedoing we take usability very seriously. We consider it essential that our users don’t waste any time on each action. We always steer you clear of complicated forms that never end and are difficult to fill in.

With 'Arewedoing you can quickly manage your account, monitor your goals or create a difficult to do report with a few simple clicks.

Account and Contact Management

Create accounts and contacts quickly. Just fill in the necessary fields.

With 'Arewedoing you can quickly manage your account, monitor your goals or create a difficult to do report with a few simple clicks.

Add Interactions to your account and contacts

Easily add calls, meetings, tasks, notes, documents and opportunities to your accounts and contacts.

You can send emails to your contacts and see if they have been read. You can even send emails from your favorite email service and they’ll be stored in 'Arewedoing

Manage your tasks

Manage your tasks and your team’s tasks with 'Arewedoing. Quickly display pending tasks or check your schedule.

And if you’d like, 'Arewedoing will send you reminders or you can create your own Google Calendar by using a Google account.

Register your product portfolio

'Arewedoing allows you to register your own products, making them accessible from the opportunities interface allowing you to assign them.

From the portfolio you can also check the minimum and maximum selling price of a product.

Find solutions quickly

With 'Arewedoing you are able to configure the analysis charts to meet your needs. In addition, we process them and draw the conclusions for you.

Compare time periods quickly and check to see if the team's performance has improved.

And if you need completely custom reports, simply extract the data you need with our intuitive report interface. No need to call the IT department to configure anything, have your data whenever and wherever you need it.

Forecasts at a click

Quickly view your sales forecasts with our Forecast.

You can review your sales team’s performance monthly, viewing each opportunity if necessary. Also, you can filter by time period or by specific person, allowing you to draw precise and individual conclusions.

Also, you can review each individual time period by person, equipment and products. With ‘Arewedoing there are no surprises, everything is under control.