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Monkey Sounds!

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There’s no monkeying around when it comes to these monkey sounds!

Monkeys say so much more than just “ooh-ooh-ahh-ahh”! Listen and learn about monkey sounds today!

Monkeys are a diverse group of mammals consisting of more than 250 different species! Though monkeys are sometimes confused with apes such as gorillas, these are actually two separate groups of primates. Monkeys vary greatly in size, from small marmosets that measure less than one foot from head to tail, to large mandrill monkeys that grow to well over three times that size!

Just as different types of monkeys have unique body characteristics and habitats, they make different sounds as well! One of the noisiest monkeys is the howler monkey, which, as its name suggests, makes a loud howling noise in its rainforest home. When the leader of the troop begins its loud guttural call, other troop members join in for a group howl that can be heard up to three miles away! Other monkeys such as spider monkeys or macaques can be heard vocalizing with hoots, screeches, squeaks, grunts and other diverse sounds! Like humans, monkeys use sounds to communicate with one another and express their emotions, from excitement and pleasure to fear and aggressiveness.

With this app you can hear monkeys hooting and grunting as they swing freely from branches in their tree-filled jungle homes!