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Elk Sounds

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Learn to identify elk vocalizations in the wild with these high-quality elk sounds!

Elk are a large species of mammal closely related to deer. These large creatures typically live in forested areas including mountainous regions and even semi-deserts. The male elk is most well-known for its spectacular antlers, which they grow and shed each year. Elk with enormous antlers are often spotted and photographed in their natural habitats, representing the majesty of the wild. These large animals are also hunted in many regions for game meat and prized trophy antlers.

Male elk, known as bulls, are also well known for their seasonal mating calls, or bugling. The bugle sound is a loud vocalization that the bulls make in order to attract female elk and to establish their dominance over other male elk in the region. While female elk, known as cows, do not bugle, they also communicate via various sounds such as barks or grunts.

With this app you can gain access to high quality elk sounds such as bugles and grunts! Hunters will find these sounds extremely useful for calling elk in the wild!