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Mandolin eMotion

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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With Mandolin eMotion, you express your emotions using some simple motions of your device. This app is targeted for all levels of mandolin players and includes a rich mandolin sound with a hint of reverb.

Mandolin eMotion has several simple motion controls. The accelerometer can control the mandolin's volume level and the gyroscope can control the mandolin's octave range. Moving the device up and down raises the mandolin's volume and moving the device right to left lowers the volume. To change the octave range, you rotate the device either in a see-saw fashion or like you are turning a door knob.

The app features an 8 octave range covering 96 notes (much more than a traditional mandolin), 10 different volume levels and two different pad layouts. With each pad, you can play single notes, major chords, minor chords, or dominant seventh chords. Every note or chord has two durations - short or long.

The 12 note pad covers the entire mandolin octave by semitone. With the 12 note pad, you also have the option of turning the motion controls off.

The 8 note pad covers common music scales/modes - including major, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, minor, harmonic minor, and locrian. You get to choose the mandolin key with the 8 note pad.