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Have you ever experienced the joy of finding a seat on a crowded Tokyo train? SeatSee Koala has, and he would like to help you do it more often. SeatSee users are part of a commuting community with the goal of making rail travel more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, users and non-users alike. One way we do this is by sharing real-time congestion information for every carriage of every train. The aim here is to encourage users to ride in the least crowded cars, thus spreading the load and making every carriage more comfortable. On top of this, and the thing that makes SeatSee truly special, is the fact that SeatSee sees seats! Users get real-time info on where other users are sitting and what time they get off. With this information you know the best place to stand on the platform while waiting for your train and the best place to stand inside your carriage to dramatically increase your chances of getting a seat. Sitting is a good, good thing! Have a seat. SeatSee Manners: with our stated aim of making train travel more comfortable for everyone, please remember that some passengers have special needs and SeatSee Koala loves to see users give up their seats for those in need.