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Super Smash Heroes - Age of Cartoon

iPhone / iPad
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The hottest mobile strategic card game Super Smash Heroes ever, brings you a totally different anime experience.
More anime characters, attributes, gears, skills, lineups, matchups and gameplays are waiting for you.
This game features as a free-style and strategic game of many crazy function!
Impossible is nothing here! Come and join us!

Game Features:
【Anime Party】
Which anime character do you like? They are not in the same anime? Don’t worry anymore! You can find them all in Super Smash Heroes, such as Levi from Attack on Titan, Zoro from One Piece. All you want is here, if your beloved one is not here, please contact us, we will help you to realize your dream.

【Refuse Being Ordinary】
Do you feel tired of anime characters without any change? It’s okay, as long as your hero meets the requirement of being awakened, with the attributes increase dramatically and cooler gears, the style of characters become more attractive. Besides,the characters in game scene changes as well.

【Flexible Matchup】
In this game, it’s special that the skills and gears are not fixed. Hundreds of gears and skills are up to you. Just imagine that Luffy can release Sanzen Sekai, Zoro can release Unlimited Blade Works, and Miku can release Ice Time? If you expect your ideal character release special skill, then come here to get it!

【PVP Makyoutouissen】
Do you want to have a fight with players from all servers? PVP Makyoutouissen provides you a perfect place to challenge all the players and be the best. Your rank goes up once you surpass others in this gameplay. Multiple coins, items, and even the legend coins for exchanging rare items are as rewards here.
Players can choose the players who are set by system. Besides, the stats of enemies you meet in trials come from other real players of your server.

【PVP Shard Plunder】
Don’t you want a different skill, or even a special skill? Then you must need the skill shard. Players can get some kinds of skill shard via daily mission and battle. Besides, plundering others can get many of the shards! So what are you waiting for? Come fighting and be stronger!

【PVP Pirate Treasure】
Do you want my treasures!? I guess most people will say yes. Then go for it in the Ocean, that’s where I hide them!
Each day players send the ships and plunder others’ ships in the Ocean. Of course you need to compete with others. Only the strongest captain can get the treasures!
【Secret Area】
The world is full of amazing things. There always randomly appears Secret Area in game. However, the strong Boss is protecting this quiet Secret Area. And you need to defeat all guards to get the rewards! Can’t wait for the adventure of the Secret Area? Let’s just get ready to fight!

Game Background:
One day in AD 2173 year, there suddenly appears time rift in the sky. Unknown features attack the human beings all over the world. Humans are feared of them, and call them the Death Envoy. And gradually the humans decide to unite together, and build a dimension investigation group. Humans want to defeat the unknown features with one action. However, they are much weaker than the unknown features. And finally the strongest summoner – Finn comes out, and greatly beats the evil envoy – the King Snake and seals it.
Several years after that, the seal is weaken. The evil city appears the Death Envoy again.
And you, as a freshman summoner, are appointed by the investigation group to check the abnormal environment. Adventures and challenges are on the way.

Customer Service:
If you need help and have useful suggestion, feel free to contact us via our official Facebook fan site: