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English Coup - Effective Vocabulary Trainer

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Increase your vocabulary and have success with EnglishCoup! Choose a level of vocabulary you feel confident in. Find the right word when EnglishCoup shows you many interesting definitions, sample sentences and synonyms. It is the easy words making up a strong vocabulary. Build a vocabulary base and use it in many many contexts. You can concentrate on certain domains and can see statistics which are the domains you are weak in and should improve.

This app is inspired by Johnson O'Connors research. O’Connor found vocabulary being the best single predictor of success in all areas and unlike natural abilities, the ability to gain vocabulary is learned rather than relating to aptitudes. He uncovered the principles that words have a difficulty level and persons their own level of vocabulary and proved the best success for learning vocab on one persons level. This implies for vocabulary acquisition that one must not learn vocab that is obove his head but choose vocab a little above or below. O'Connor states the knowledge of synonyms or a short definition to be a measure of knowing a word. Conversely, when synonyms or definition are not known, the word is unknown.

Instructions for use:
In the main view type the base form of the word (the base of 'saw' is 'see' and for 'cars' is 'car') into the input field. It is the word explained by the definition, sample terms and synonyms. If the word occures in the explanation it is replaced by '.......'. If you did not select any special domain like 'animal' or 'communication' you are being testet how well you know the same word in different domain contexts although the word might be very easy. For every context you do not get the word right you get a negative point. For those domain contexts you get the word right you get a positive point. In the statistics view you can observe for every level how your score is for every domain. The results are sorted showing the highest negative score above. You can also reverse the sort order. In the statistic view you can also select a domain you want to improve in. The color in the circular progress bar will then indicate how many words you got right (0 - 60% = red; 61 - 80% = orange; 81 - 100% = green). If a domain is selected you do not get a negative point until you got all definitions of one word in that domain wrong. The statistic shows the results for each level individually. Choose the level that fits you!

EnglishCoup is based on WordNet 3.1 from Princeton University.