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Have you ever reached for a bottle of wine and you can't quite remember when you opened it? You think it was in the last few days, but you just can't be sure.

Now with Sipple you can savour every drop of wine you buy, our app lets you set how much wine is in an opened bottle, capture when you opened it and based on the oxidization of wine recommend the best time to drink your wine. Different optimal drinking dates are set for Red, White or Rose wines.

Our intuitive design allows you to then 'drink' or 'sink' a wine based on whether you finished a wine or poured it away. Either way the app learns and records wine history. Over time you will learn your drinking habits that will save you money and trips to the bottle store.

Our mission is to ensure more wines are drunk than sunk, that you savour every drop, so you always drink and never sink your wines.

Sipple app features include;


* Track up to 3 opened bottles of wines
* Tracking highlight how long your wine remains drinkable before the effect of oxidization take last effect
* Daily reminders customised to your preferred times

Habits & History

Learn and track your wine drinking so you can make better drinking, opening and purchase decisions in the future;

* Historic timeline view of wines you've drunk or sunk on a interactive timeline
* What are your most popular wines to drink

Insightful Wine quotes

* Inspiring wine quotes to reflect on the wine side of life

Wine Regions

We support all of the worlds major wine regions and their localised sub regions in a simple and intuitive menu

* Argentina
* Australia
* Chile
* France
* Italy
* New Zealand
* South Africa

Rate your wines

* Star rate your wines to help you remember if you liked the wine in the future