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  • Social Networking
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Connoba provides an instantaneous communication method in a specified area and time. In a town, at a landmark or on an event, Connoba will help you share massages on common topics with anonymous people.

[ Only users in a particular spot can post. ]
You can share your massages or photos by selecting a spot near you in the map or in the list of nearby spots. Because only users in a particular area can post a message in the timeline, the noise posted by remote users without current knowledge is minimized.
Lists of hot topics, lively spots, newly-defined spots help users to know trends in the worlds.

[ Realtime rankings of Topics. ]
Apart from messages, you can also mention words of interests (i.e., topics) in 32 characters and vote on them. These topics are listed in the top-10 “Hot Topics” and are ranked in real time.
- The topic list is appeared by swiping the timeline on iPhone. IPad shows both panes side by side.
- Tapping 'vote' icon raises the realtime ranking of the topic. Voting on the same topic is limited once in an hour.
- Selecting a topic sets the filter for tagged messages in timeline.
- The topic set for the filter also used as a tag/tags to be attached on a message you post.
- Even remote users can vote on the topics in the rankings to express their interests. Hot topics encourage users to write about the topics.
(User registration is required to post or vote. Note that your nickname and thumbnail picture registered in your profile will be public with posted messages.Position data is used for allowing you to post.)

[ Defining your own spot. ]
You can setup your favorite spot effective in less than 24 hours. This feature is designed for users who hold an event in a particular spot or join to an event with no appropriate spot defined.
- User registration is required for creating a spot. The menu to create a spot is appeared after login in the Account menu.
- To reduce risks for holding too many spots defined in the map, some points are required for creating a new spot. You can earn points as a daily login bonus by posting or voting in any spot.

The combination of voting on topics and posting of messages reduces the amount of noise in the timeline, thereby increasing the quality of the various viewpoints to be discussed. Conventional timeline-based systems, which provide tremendous stream and much noise, are difficult to track for users. A location-based information stream enables users to find suitable topics and the information they desire.