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This is an App developed by Pratheeksha Oncology Clinic,Calicut,,run by eminent oncologist

Dr.Narayanankutty Warrier, which provides comprehensive cancer care.

The aim of this App is to facilitate communication with the doctor faster so that a patient

can easily send reports and clear doubts about his medications ,prescribed diet or

precautions to be taken during and after treatment.It aims to be equally useful for those

who have completed treatment as well as those who want to learn more about the latest

developments in cancer.

Uses of this App

1.To enable speedy appraisal of medical reports, queries answered about disease,treatment

and diet or anything regarding disease from Dr.Warrier

2.To enable proper online advice

3 To facilitate online booking of appointments.

4.To know if their token number is nearing.

5.To enable anybody to get proper information about various aspects of cancer.

6.To propagate tips on healthy lifestyle.

7Information about cancer survivors-group Pratheeksha

Dr.N.K.Warrier also intends to use this App to create awareness about lifestyle changes

leading to cancer,effects of tobacco and influences of diet on cancer as prevention and early

diagnosis is any day better than cure. He feels that the emphasis should be given to

Prevention and Early Diagnosis as well in addition to curative methods. This would be better

for the patient,care giver and state by reducing extent and morbidity of the disease ,less

loss of man hours and most importantly much reduced expenses.

Dr. Warrier finds the intense doctor patient relationship rewarding and also enjoys keeping

up with the latest in diagnostic and treatment aspects of Cancer. His personal philosophy is

that an oncologist’s responsibilities go beyond the management of Cancer and include

educating patients about their disease and treatment and also helping them to meet the

financial requirements for their treatment. He believes that no one with a curable

malignancy should be denied treatment just because they can’t afford the treatment.

This App aims to be a companion for the patient and care