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Flipbook Maker

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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You can create an animation in simplicity, such as pattering draw a flip book in a notebook!
you can make a Stop motion animation,From the camera and photo album image.

- You can attach the BGM.
- You can add a sound effect.
- Image of the camera and photo album are available.
- You can post to Twitter. (Convert to animated GIF)
- It can be attached to e-mail. (Convert to animated GIF)
- You can post on LINE. (Still images only)

Screen Description
■ LIST view screen
Animation that you create will be listed.
    - Select an item in the list: a transition to read the selected data EDIT view screen.
    - "Trash" icon: to delete the selected data.

[Navigation bar]
    - NEW button: the transition to the DRAW view screen (New Mode)
    - MENU button: Open the app settings menu.
[Setting menu]
    - Screen theme change: the design of the app can be changed.
    - Stored data Delete all: to Delete all the animation data.
    - Camera settings: when the camera is shooting at DRAW view, select or leave the data to the camera roll.
    - Tweet setting: when posting to Twitter, to choose whether to attach a hash tag and URL.
    - Credit: Displays the credit

■ EDIT view screen
Screen to edit the animation of the frame.
    - To select the frame by swiping the frame image to the left or right.
    - "Thumbnail" image: Tap to set the frame image of the selected thumbnail.
    - "Title" label: Tap to set the animation title.
    - "Play" icon (green): The transition to PLAY view screen.
    - "DRAW" icon: a transition to DRAW view screen (draw selection frame)
    - "DRAW +" icon: a transition to DRAW view screen (next frame insertion)
    - "COPY", "CUT", "PASTE", "DELETE" icon: to edit the frame.
    - "SOUND" icon: to display a list of preset sound effect.
    - "IntervalTime" Picker: to set the frame interval of the animation. (0.01 seconds)
    - "Loop" Picker: to set the number of loops.
    - "MusicSELECT" icon: BGM Settings menu opens. Preset songs or from the music that has been registered in the library, and set the BGM.
    - "Play" / "Stop" icon (black): performing a listen / stop of BGM.
    - "Volume" slider: Adjust the volume.
    - "Mail" icon: transition to convert to animated GIF to mail creation screen.
    - "Twitter" icon: post to Twitter is converted into animated GIF.
[Navigation bar]
    - NewPage button: to transition to DRAW view screen (draw the last frame)
    -? Button: to display the help.
    - HOME button: a transition to LIST view.

■ DRAW view screen
It is a screen editor of animation frames.
    - "Pen" icon: Switch to the Pen tool.
    - "Eraser" icon: Switch to the Eraser tool.
    - "Pen size" icon: to display the pen size selection palette.
    - "Color" icon: to display the color selection palette.
    - "Undo" icon: The Undo (you can go back up to 16 steps)
    - "Redo" Icon: Redo (you can go back up to 16 steps)
    - "PrevImage" Slider: to set the transmittance of the previous frame image.
    - "NextImage" Slider: to set the transmittance of the next frame image.
[Navigation bar]
    - Menu button: to open the menu.
    -? Button: Displays the help screen.
    - DrawEnd button: EDIT to transition to a view.
    - Image acquisition (camera): Get the image from the camera.
    - Image acquisition (library): Get the image from the camera roll.
    - Change background color: Select the background color of the animation
    - Canvas initialization: Initialize the DRAW area.

■ PLAY view screen
Animation of the playback screen.