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Have you ever wondered why that with all of the technology available, how come we can't quickly track and stop diseases like the Zika virus or Ebola? Have you ever thought why do our younger generations begin smoking even with all of the information out there saying that "smoking kills"? Or have you wondered how a new neighbourhood or a plaza in your city could be designed to reduce the amount of traffic congestion rather than causing more of it?

At first, these questions seem very different, but to answer all of these types of questions we require data on how we as people behave in these situations? Thousands of people answering these same questions is what is needed. There are many scientists and researchers working hard trying to find these answers, but while todays technology should provide them with the data they need, the complications around collecting the data prevents most scientists from completing their work efficiently. That’s where Ethica comes in.

Ethica is the first platform that effectively turns our smartphones into mobile research labs. Our smartphones are capable of recording many types of data including physical activity, heart-beat, blood pressure, and many others. Ethica allows us to help scientists collect the data they need towards realizing their life-changing discovery.