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Pokémeter for Pokémon GO

iPhone / iPad
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Pokémeter for Pokemon GO is the best mobile Pokémon locating app you can have on your device. Pokémon locations are provided by our growing community combined by our predictive algorithms. We do not use the Pokemon GO api. Locations accuracy is based on our user reviews and pre-defined Pokémon nest locations we collected.

The app is based essentially on a map view displaying all Pokémons around, clustered by Pokémon nest to increase app performance and provide personalized user experience.

You can filter the locations to highlight only needed Pokémons to complete your Pokédex. Filter can be used by selecting a Pokémon or a group of Pokémons based on rarity. We consider the following rarity levels:
- Common
- Starter
- Uncommon
- Rare
- Epic

The nearest Pokémon is always displayed on the Nearest Pokémon indicator. The indicator changes as you move around to find new Pokémons.

The app provides a trainer rating system based on points we call "Pins". You can win Pins each time you report a Pokémon location (You win more pins if you report rare Pokémons compared to common). You can also collect Pins by reviewing (up-voting and down-voting) a location. Frequently down-voted locations will be removed from the system to keep only accurate locations.

Pins allow users to unlock new rare Pokémon locations. Make sure to collect Pins so you can have early access to rare & epic Pokémon locations.

Use our notification service to get notified as soon as rare & epic Pokémons are reported in your area.

Create your Pokédex and share it with your friends to brag about your catch!

You cannot collect Pins unless you connect to the app using your facebook account or your email.

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