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EYT Expressive Vocabulary-2

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**EYT EXPRESSIVE VOCABULARY 2: now including verbs, as well as additional high difficulty items to increase the age and ability range assessed.**

Early Years Toolbox (EYT) Expressive Vocabulary 2 is an iPad-based assessment of pre-school and early primary school students' ability to identify and produce the target vocabulary words in response to depicted stimuli. It consists of 55 cartoon pictures of objects (e.g., flower) and actions (e.g., winking), for which children are asked to verbally name each item. Items are presented in developmental sequence, with a stop rule after 6 straight incorrect items to prevent frustration associated with overly difficult items. This assessment takes an average of 5 minutes to complete.

Scores are presented on the final assessment screen. For more precise research applications, there are options to have the item by item data sent to a user-specified e-mail address or database. For more information, brief EYT training videos, and analysis resources, please visit

About the Early Years Toolbox:

The 'Early Years Toolbox' (EYT, for short) is comprised of six brief, engaging game-like assessments of young children’s self-regulation, executive functioning and vocabulary. These assessments are based on well-established and widely used measures for young children (e.g., go/no-go, dimensional change card sort), yet have been adapted and optimised on the basis of 20+ years of research experience with this age group.

NOTE FOR RESEARCHERS. If using this app for research and/or publication purposes, please cite the following as the original source articles (please feel free to contact us for copies of these articles):

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Howard, S. J., & Melhuish, E. (2015). An Early Years Toolbox (EYT) for assessing early executive function, language, self-regulation, and social development: Validity, reliability and preliminary norms. Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment.