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Counter Hunt Fury: War Assassin - Special Commando Army Defence Contract Killer

iPhone / iPad
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Counter hunt and pass the fury war as an assassin commando, engage into the warzone with an army battle war commandos and snipers. Experience modern warfare and counter hunt fury war with army fighting in the desert storm, kill all the enemies behind the enemy lines and rise up high in the line of duty and courage as a war assassin. Shoot as a turret counter hunt commander with an armored assault rifle in extreme offroad war over the hill Climb Mountains and take your best kill shot as a bravo shooter and hunt counter war assassin. Your brigade blitz is waiting for you to attack.

In counter hunt fury war assassin, terrorists apocalypse has erupted everywhere due to a deadly terrorist and rebellion enemy outbreak in country, conquer your army and military bases from the enemy and assassinate all the enemies and terrorists with your commando brigade and send them to hell. Counter hunt in battlefields and war becomes everyday experience as a professional armed forces commando and elite force commander. Only true commando and counter hunt fury war assassin specialist can find his way through these deadly mayhem war zones. Death lies around when trained terrorist invaders wanders around destroying our legacy and homeland.

You are a trained elite sniper commando and counter hunt fury war assassin who is engaged to fight against the terrorist. Your duty and task is to find the hideout is to detect the positions of your enemies and kill them with your latest sniper rifles. Being a best sniper shooter you are called in the battlefield. Take your sniper rifle and shoot the brutal enemy soldiers and defeat them. Your country is turning into a deadly battlefield. Your enemy soldiers are hiding in bunkers, basecamps and buildings. Don’t worry about the terrorist weapons and their soldiers. You are a brave and fully trained counter hunt specialist sniper commando.

You have latest sniper rifles and assault gears with loads of ammunitions. Face the challenge of the battlefield. Enemy forces invading too and control all the high zone areas. Your mission is to kill the entire terrorist and rebellion forces and clear the basecamps from weapons. When all your territory is cleared from terrorists and weapons as a counter hunt war assassin specialist your duty is to secure all the occupied areas. As a counter hunt war assassin sniper shooter, you have enough ammo, just concentrate on the incoming enemy and shoot them to get your positions back.

Take out your assault rifle and sniper guns to shoot an army of infiltrators. Military and other forces have been failed to destroy this savage army. Gather courage as Counter Hunt Fury War Assassin to stand against brainwashed suicide bombers and terrorists and put an end to this madness to shut down their gateway. Play as a lone survivor counter hunt striker and eliminate these savage forces with advanced warfare weapons. Scavenge these spooks and snipe from a safe distance without any horror.