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Epic Mew Run 2017

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
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DOWNLOAD Epic Mew Run 2017 & play on mobile now!
- Play as the Hero, Mew "Nyan" Meowstrong in the endless fun run!
- Easy to play, everyone from Kids to Teens to Adult will LOVE IT!
- Supports on Mobile Devices : iPhone, iPad, iPod
- Download & Enjoy this purchase free game NOW!

"Chapter 1 : In Deep Space, No One Can Hear You Meow"
In an alternate universe, United States of Meowrica's (USM) space agency, the National Mewmew and Space Mewministration (NMSM) has found unlimited supplies of Mhiskas on the planet Mars and thus, sent the Meowpollo 11 has begun its first space exploration to solve the world's shortage of cat food.

However, due to miscalculation and Cat's nature of being too lazy to care, Meowpollo 11 has crash landed on Mars. But fortunately, Meowpollo 11 only suffer a minor accident as Cats are very good in design landing operations.

Meowpollo 11's commander, Mew "Nyan" Meowstrong decided to explore Mars and grab as much Mhiskas as possible while the other 2 pilots, Meowchael Cattins & Meowin "Buzz" E. Aldrin, Jr. will stay back and repair the ship.

Indeed, Mars have unlimited supplies of Mhiskas, but it is filled with dangers too! It appears that Mars is once civilised but being wiped out by unknown force after major battle clash & war...

You, as Mew "Nyan" Meowstrong, have to escape from the bad guys and grab as much Mhiskas as possible...

ARE YOU READY FOR IT? Will there be a new Saga?

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